LG G4 remove location info

We've talked any number of times about location tracking and how it works in Android. A lot of time you'll want to use it. Sometimes you won't. And you've got plenty of options and complete control over your location settings. One important feature for phones to have is the ability to easily remove GPS data from pictures you've taken. We've walked you through how to remove location data from pics on the Galaxy S6, which was fairly easy.

But LG has made that important privacy feature even easier with the LG G4.

On the Galaxy S6 you have to view a picture in the phone's default gallery app and then dive into the EXIF data to manually remove (or add) location information. That the feature is there is a good thing. But LG's made removing location information exactly as easy as it should be on the G4.

LG G4 remove photo info

  1. View a photo in LG's gallery app.
  2. In the three-dot overflow menu, tap "remove location."
  3. Confirm that you actually want to remove location information from the image.

That's it. And that's how this should be handled in every gallery app.

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