T-Mo roadmap

The folks over at TmoNews got their hands on a leaked T-Mobile US roadmap for fall, and as expected there's several Android devices in the spotlight.

First up on October 29 is a "color refresh" for the Samsung Galaxy S2. This one has our interest, because nobody is quite sure what colors will be offered. as the original already comes in black or white. 

Following closely on October 31 is the release of the Huawei Summit, a previously unknown Android phone. The specs are nowhere to be seen, but it's a pretty safe bet to say this will be an entry level handset. There's a leaked render after the break of the Summit.

Also on October 31 is the scheduled release of the LG Optimus L9 (see our hands-on). While things like 4GB of onboard storage keep this one decidedly entry-level, our impression was that it's a surprisingly nice phone. At the right price, it could make quite a splash. 

Absent is the Galaxy Note 2, but we're not going to read too much into that. A device of that caliber will likely have a special launch of its own, and not be lumped with the rest of the fall lineup. 

Of course none of this is official until it's made official, but leaks and speculation are half the fun this time of year. Click through for the leaked Huawei Summit press shot

Source: TmoNews

Huawei Summit