This pic is but a dream for many users now...

"Ok Google... why didn't my alarm go off this morning?"

The latest Google Search update seems to have brought a new bug along with all the bug fixes and police cards, causing what once were hands-free commands for timers and alarms to now need an extra button press to set. Some users can still set them without needing to push the actual 'set timer' or 'set alarm' button while others have to press this extra button. The effect seems to be somewhat spotty, with an old Note 2 still puttering away hands-free while a few Moto X's have lost the touch-free aspect of this handy little command.

Whatever updates caused this also seem to have removed some alarm clock apps like Timely - the timer app from Bitspin, who was acquired by Google - from being used by Google Now for the 'set timer' command. But not all of them. Given this degree of confusion, we're turning to you, our faithful readers, to see if we can't get a better idea of how wide-spread this problem is, since things like timers and alarms are somewhat important to those of us who cook or sleep or run potentially explosive experiments in their basement.

So, is your timer running? Chime in with your results in the poll, and if you have a alarm clock or timer app that is or isn't working, feel free to let it be known in the comments below. And a thanks to Neal Jacob for the tip!