The folks behind the Big Android BBQ have been working hard to expand their unique combination of social event and technical conference to the left and right coasts of the US. These events, dubbed Big Android Meat & Greets, exist as a small sample of the huge event that happens in Texas every year, but are significantly easier for some folks to get to. This year is the first East Coast event, and since it's happening in Jerry and Russell's backyard you can rest assured we'll be there to experience both the educational and entertainment aspects of the celebration.

Big Android BBQ

For the uninitiated, this Big Android Meat & Greet is broken out into two parts. The first is the Code Kitchen, a six hour developer summit where any skill level is welcome to come participate in the challenges and sessions contained within. The second half of the day takes you out of the classroom and into the Potomac River, where a Riverboat tour will take everyone through the sights of the infamous Cherry Blossom Festival while encouraging you to get your social on with — if history is any indicator — an amazing assortment of booze and food.

Everything goes down on April 4th. The Code Kitchen is free for anyone to attend, while the Cherry Blossom Riverboat tour will run you $75 per person. We'll be around all day — as human beings, not as rolly disembodied robots — with whatever Android Central swag we can stuff into out pockets and backpacks on the way out the door, so be sure to come and say hi if you spot one of us along the way. If you're not local to the event, the IDEAA folks have put together everything you need to know for hotel stays and directions to everything that's happening throughout the day. Hope to see you there!