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After holing up on mobile since its inception, Instagram has announced that their iconic photo sharing app will be hitting the web with full profiles over the next couple of days. Previously, you could only really view individual pictures on the web, but these new profile pages allow users to follow fellow Instagrammers, leave comments and likes on pictures, or edit their profiles. 

Instagram was recently snatched up by Facebook, so it's not surprising to see them opening up a little bit. Once Instagram on the web is fully matured, it will be interesting to see how the two social networks drift into one another. Will they eventually merge userbases, or will they still coexist as separate entities? The update doesn't allow web uploads of images, instead continuing to favor mobile, which should give us an idea of Instagram's future direction.

Any heavy-duty Instagram users out there? Serious photographers, what's your take on the service? Is it legitimate enough for Time magazine to use it to cover Sandy, or is Instagram overhyped and tacky?

Source: Instagram