Ahh, Instagram. It's become one of those bonafide social networks that's really more than it advertises to be. Instagram isn't just a reel of photos your friends are posting from their days out in the sun. It's where you can keep long running group chats with friends where you're sending each other memes, or peruse through your favorite artist pages to buy their original work. Soon, you'll be able to book appointments through it, too.

Per a blogpost written to its advertisers today, Instagram announced it would soon bring a new "Book" option to the Instagram pages of your favorite hair salon, for instance. You'll know how much you're paying for every treatment, as there will be a separate pricing and payment section available.

You can imagine plenty of hair salons, nail salons, and even independent makeup artists using this particular feature as a way to attract more customers. Instagram is already its own advertising platform, after all, a sort of "choose your own adventure" for small business owners. It'll also be particularly convenient when planning your own appointments. There's nothing worse than having to call the salon because their online reservation system is outdated.