Instagram is beginning to roll out some new features that will seem oddly familiar to Snapchat users and fans of Facebook live videos. In its latest update, Instagram has added live video to Instagram Stories, along with disappearing images and videos in direct messages to friends and groups.

The update has yet to reach all users, but when it does you'll find the new live video option by swiping right in the Stories camera mode. Your followers may receive a notification to let them know when you're live, and you'll be able to stream for up to an hour. When someone is live, you'll see "Live" under their profile pic on the Instagram Stories feed. Simply tap their story to join their stream, where you can comment. The streamer also has the option to pin their favorite comments to the stream. Live videos will also be found in the Explore tab.

This sounds pretty much identical to Facebook Live, which was launched back in April to allow all of Facebook's 1.79 billion users to stream live video right from the Facebook mobile app.

Meanwhile, Instagram has taken another page out of Snapchat's playbook with it's new direct messaging feature. With the new update, you'll be able to send photos or videos directly to friends or groups that will expire as soon as they're viewed. Take a silly selfie, slap a sticker on it and send it off to your Instagram besties. You'll then be able to see if your snaps — I mean, direct messages — have been replayed or screenshotted.

Sound familiar at all?

Let us know if you've gotten the update, and what you think about Instagram's 'innovations'.