Some people may only know Instagram as a place for sharing and browsing through photos/videos, but over the last year or two, the app's evolved into much more than that. Following the launch of direct messages, Stories, and livestreaming, Instagram's next project appears to be video and voice calls.

After decompiling the latest version of the Instagram APK, Ishan Agarwal discovered something interesting – multiple files for video and voice calling.

The files don't give us an exact idea of how these features will work in Instagram, and while these may seem like strange additions to a social network designed around sharing photos, it's actually not all that crazy.

Instagram already offers a number of different ways for its users to interact with one another, and last December, the company announced it was testing a standalone "Direct" app to put a greater emphasis on its direct messaging feature. Public photos and videos may be the highlight for Instagram, but it clearly wants to be much more than that.

There's currently no ETA as to when voice and video calling will launch on Instagram, but until then, I'd like to hear from you – Are these two features you can see yourself using? I'm not a heavy Instagram user myself, but I imagine anything to give the app an edge over Snapchat is time and money well-spent.

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