Instagram recently released version 24 of its Android app, and included with this are two new features specifically for Instagram Direct.

The first, and biggest, of these two features is referred to as "remix." After a friend sends you a photo as a direct message, you can grab that photo as a sticker and use it in your reply to "remix" its look. You can draw on the photo, add text, stickers, etc. I'm not sure how useful it actually is, but it looks like a fun party trick nonetheless.

Also new is the ability to control how often a friend can view a photo that you send them. After you take a picture and get ready to send it to someone, you now have the option of sending it with One View or the Allow Replay options. One View will only allow the recipient of your message to see it once, whereas Allow Replay enables them to view it as much as they'd like.

Instagram 24 is rolling out to the Play Store now, and you can download it by clicking on the button above.

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