IFTTT adds Amazon Echo channel

IFTTT, the popular automation service, has added a new channel that allows you to do even more with your Amazon Echo. Previously the Echo was a bit limited in what it could do, integrating with very few services out of the box. The IFTTT team's latest channel, Amazon Alexa, brings some new functionality that users are sure to love.

With IFTTT you will be able to do many new things. Some examples of recipes you could activate are adding your new Alexa to-do's to ToDoist, receive a notification on your smartphone when an item on your to-do list is edited, and even send someone a short email. There are plenty of other great recipes that have already been made, but if you don't find the one that you need you can also create your own.

Getting set up is simple, just create an account with IFTTT on their site or mobile app, activate the Amazon Alexa channel, then start adding or creating recipes. You can grab the IFTTT Android app for free from Google Play.

Check out the Amazon Alexa IFTTT channel