HTC posted its Q2 2016 earnings, recording revenue of $598 million (NT$18.9 billion). That's up 27% from the disastrous first quarter, but a drop of 44% from the same period a year ago.

HTC 10

The Taiwanese vendor recorded a net loss of $133 million (NT$4.2 billion), with the HTC 10 failing to turn things around. Looking ahead to the latter half of 2016, HTC is placing its bets on its flagship device and the Vive VR headset, creating a "robust VR ecosystem through regional and channel expansion and collaboration with developers to create contents in diverse categories and verticals."

In a statement, CEO and chairwoman Cher Wang said:

In the space of one year, we have reimagined the company, reclaimed our top spot for innovation, and demonstrated solid execution across our major product lines. I believe that HTC has regained its innovative zeal and is looking ahead with confidence and ingenuity.