HTC begins to branch out from the mobile world with its first lifestyle camera

The HTC RE (henceforth referred to as the HTC Re camera) is a small, handheld camera that works as a standalone device, as well with Android and iOS. It's a 16-megapixel shooter using a Sony DSC sensor that is pretty fun to use — just hit the button up top to start shooting. It does still pictures as well as video and includes a slow-motion mode, and time-lapse mode.

It's easy to see how the Re camera would compete against something like GoPro, even though it's definitely targeted at the non-extreme crowd. That said, it'll have a number of accessories that will let you move the Re camera out of your hand and into more interesting positions.

Probably one of the initial hurdles for the Re camera will be the $199 price point. The camera is available in a number of retail locations.