HTC One M8

HTC officially reported its Q1 2014 financial results today, confirming the net loss of NT$1.88 billion (around $62 million) revealed a month ago in its unaudited results for the quarter. The company also published its unaudited revenue numbers for April 2014, showing revenue of NT$22.1 billion ($733 million) for the month following the HTC One M8 launch — up 36.08% month-on-month and 12.70% year-on-year.

For Q2 as a whole, the Taiwanese manufacturer predicts a return to profitability, with anticipated quarterly revenue in the NT$65 billion to NT$70 billion range, a gross profit margin of between 21.3% and 22% and EPS (earnings per share) of NT$2.21 to NT$3.00.

While much of today's press release focuses on the HTC One M8 launch, HTC singled out its mid-level flagship, the Desire 816, as a device showing strong momentum. HTC also hailed the "dramatically improved" operational efficiency and supply chain readiness that allowed it to make the M8 available to buy on the day of launch. Sales in EMEA (Europe, Middle-East and Africa) "remained solid," HTC added, mainly due to the M8 launch and existing products like the One M7 and One Mini. In HTC's home country of Taiwan, the M8 "has dominated the market since launch."

It remains to be seen whether HTC will emerge from its long slump and turn this uptick into a full-blown recovery. The company has been hit by a string of high-profile departures over the past year, most recently design chief Scott Croyle.

Looking ahead, recent online leaks have suggested HTC may refresh its One Mini handset in the near future, while also bringing to market a lower-cost plastic version of its flagship One M8. The company is also widely rumored to be collaborating with Google on an upcoming Nexus tablet.

Source: HTC