The HTC One (M8) earned 13,719 votes in our poll while the Samsung Galaxy S5 only garnered 5,859 votes

We ran a poll last week pitting the Samsung Galaxy S5 against the HTC One (M8) in a purchasing scenario, and the results are pretty definitive. Out of nearly 20,000 votes, 70% picked the HTC One (M8), while the remaining 5,858 votes went to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Debate in the comments was heated. There were plenty of commenters who were interested in neither, preferring the next LG device or the Sony Z2. Fans of the HTC One (M8) said they were digging the construction and lack of bloatware, while the camera was a deal-breaker for Samsung Galaxy S5 fans, who also liked having a removable battery.

Though this poll is hardly perfect forecast for how the HTC One (M8) will actually sell, especially since there's still a lot of interest surrounding the announcement of the device announcement of the phone — not to mention you can actually get one now, and we still have a week to wait for the Galaxy S5 — it's interesting to see where are our readers are headed. It's a close call between these two devices for sure, and doesn't take into account available alternatives.

Thanks to everyone who voted! Let us know what you think of the results below, or feel free to make the argument for your favorite device between the two.