HTC Canada Events

We've seen HTC host plenty events across the U.S. and Europe as of late but they're looking to spread some HTC love to Canada as well. This month and next month HTC will be in Vancouver, Toronto & Montréal showing off their goods and celebrating Alexander Graham Bell:

HTC would like to invite you to experience the evolution of telecommunications from a design perspective with the exhibit, “Telephone Lines… from rotary to hands free.”

In the exhibit, we will showcase artifacts and photos from the Pearson Electrotechnology Telecommunications Museum; plus, a variety of great materials like one of Alexander Graham Bell’s early sketch designs for an electrical phone and one of the first cell phones.

Attendees will be able to walk around the exhibit before a casual presentation by One and Co. and an HTC representative, where they will discuss the artifacts innovative design and how HTC is leading the industry in design. HTC team members will also be on hand to conduct demos of the latest and greatest HTC devices.

If you happen to live in any of those areas, you'll likely want to check it out. The dates for each event can be found on the HTC Facebook page linked below.

Source: HTC Facebook