Multitasking on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Need to multitask on the Samsung Galaxy S4? Here's how to quit apps, switch apps, and reset default apps.

Quitting applications on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a straightforward affair. Hold down the home button at the bottom of the device for a moment. This will bring up the multitasking screen. Here, you can tap between applications as you see fit, but more importantly, you can close apps by swiping them from left to right. Swipe up and down on the screen to see all apps that are open. Don’t worry about swiping each app individually to close it; the icon in the bottom-right can close all apps that are currently open.

You can also tap the pie chart icon in the bottom left to see which apps are using the most system resources and quickly close or uninstall them. This section will also let you clear certain apps as being the defaults for certain tasks.

Easy peasy. Questions? Leave 'em in the comments.