How Stuff Works

Like most folks around here, I like to know what makes things tick.  How they work, why they work and what stuff is needed to make them work. Luckily, there is now an official app for that from the folks over at How Stuff Works and Discovery that allows for on the go access to all their great content. The app itself is quite nice and overall feels rather polished -- meaning they took their time and did it right rather then just making some silly mobile link. Once the app is installed, you have the option to get push notifications for all the shows, videos and podcasts if you do so choose.

  • Stuff You Should Know: Josh and Chuck give fans permission to ponder.
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class: If you weren’t paying attention, Stuff You Missed in History Class has you covered.
  • BrainStuff: HowStuffWorks founder, Marshall Brain, shares quick nuggets of stuff that will make you smarter!
  • Stuff Mom Never Told You: SMNTY keeps listeners looped in on the stuff that mom forgot.
  • TechStuff: The perfect podcast for seasoned techies and novices alike, this show breaks it down in a way that comforts even the staunchest technophobe.
  • Stuff to Blow Your Mind: For the nerd in us all, this podcast will blow your mind.
  • CarStuff: goes behind the wheel and under the hood in this auto-enthusiasts favorite.

All the above content and more is featured within the app, so if you're a fan of How Stuff Works be sure to jump on past the break for the download and some more screenshots of it in action.

How Stuff WorksHow Stuff Works