How to level up your trainer in Pokémon Go

You can't expect to be the best trainer in your city — let alone the world — if you're stuck at level one! In Pokémon Go it's not only important to raise the Combat Power (CP) of your Pokémon, but you also need to raise the level of your trainer.

Why is my trainer level important?

Raising your trainer level enables you to find stronger and rarer Pokémon in the wild, which means as you level up, you should stop running into low level Rattatas everywhere you go.

On top of finding better wild Pokémon, raising your trainer level also allows you to increase your Pokémon's (CP) even more. What does that boil down to? The higher your trainer level, the stronger you can make your Pokémon.

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How do I increase my trainer level in Pokémon Go?

In order to level up your trainer, you need to collect experience points (XP). There are various tasks in the game that grant you XP towards your trainer level, and all of them are fairly straightforward.

  1. Catching Pokémon: The amount of XP you gain catching Pokémon varies based on a few factors, like how you throw your Pokéball and how many times you have caught that same Pokémon before.
  2. Evolving Pokémon: Whenever you have enough Candies to evolve any Pokémon you own, you will get 500 XP.
  3. Hatching a Pokémon: Any time one of your Pokémon eggs hatch, you will receive 200 XP. You hatch eggs by walking (distance, not steps), so get moving!
  4. Visiting a PokéStop: Stopping by a PokéStop will earn you 50 XP.
  5. Battling at a Gym: Whether it's a friendly Gym or one of a rival team, you will earn XP for battling. The amount of XP will vary based on how many Pokémon are stationed at the Gym and how difficult they are to defeat.

What level are you?

Are you top trainer in your city? What level are you and what's your favorite way to level up?

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