How to change your wallpaper on the galaxy nexus

Once you get the basics down on your Galaxy Nexus, you will want to start personalizing it to your own tastes. One of the easiest ways to personalize your phone is to change the wallpaper.

Your Galaxy Nexus supports several different types of wallpaper; you can choose from pre-installed wallpaper images, use a picture from your Gallery app or even use a Live wallpaper for your background.

Wallpaper can be changed in one of two ways.

Changing wallpaper from the Settings app

The first way to change your wallpaper is through the Settings app on the phone.

Wallpaper settings

1.     Access the Settings app either from the Settings icon on the second Home screen or from the very top of the Notification area.

2.     Tap Display – usually the second category under Device.

3.     Tap Wallpaper.

4.     Choose:

a.     Gallery – to set a wallpaper from your own photos

b.     Live Wallpapers – to use one of the pre-installed Live Wallpapers

c.      Wallpapers – to select one of the pre-installed Wallpaper images.

5.     Once you select an image, choose Set wallpaper to install the wallpaper on your phone.

set live wallpaper

Changing wallpaper from Home screen

The second way to change your wallpaper is by long pressing on any home screen.

Set wallpaper from home screen

1.     Long press (touch and hold) anywhere on the Home screen.

2.     A pop-up appears saying Select wallpaper from…

3.     Choose either:

a.     Gallery

b.     Live Wallpapers

c.      Wallpapers

4.     Choose the image you wish to use and then choose Set wallpaper to set it as the device background.

Downloading new wallpaper

Since wallpaper is one of those things that really sets your phone apart from other phones, you may find that you change your wallpaper with some regularity. That being the case, it is good to have some options to choose from.

Fortunately, there are many places on the web to find wallpaper as well as apps in Google Play. One of the best resources for wallpaper is right here at Android Central.

AC wallpaper gallery

From the home page of Android Central, just click on Free Android Wallpapers to get started.

1.     Choose from:

a.     Top Wallpaper Downloads

b.     Top Rated Wallpapers

c.      New Wallpapers

d.     Random Wallpapers

2.     You can also choose the View More Wallpapers icon to see the full gallery of choices.

3.     Below the images you can also browse by Categories.

find new wallpeper

Here I found a nice Boston Bruins wallpaper in the Sports category.  I select download and can either have it emailed directly to my device or I can use the QR code reader and scan the code to install it right on my phone.

1.     Choose the wallpaper to download.

2.     From the download page, choose to either have the wallpaper emailed to you or use a QRcode reader to scan the code.

download wallpaper using qrcode

3.     The provided link takes you to the Android Central web page, just make sure  you are logged in.

4.     Find the downloaded wallpaper and choose Set as and choose Wallpaper.

Set downloaded wallpper

Remember that Wallpaper images do take up some space on your device, so continually monitor your usage.

What wallpaper is currently on your device? Let us know in the forums.