Samsung Galaxy S6 Folio Wallet Case

The puregear Folio Wallet Case provides protection, style, and function to your Samsung Galaxy S6. Three slots on the front flip cover allow you to stash enough credit cards and ID for a quick run out the door. Press-through buttons provide full access to lock and volume keys, and strategic gaps allow the microUSB port, speaker, headphone jack, microphones, camera, flash, and heart rate sensor to peek through.

The sturdy plastic frame is wrapped in a classy dimpled faux leather. A light magnetic clasp keeps the cover closed in transit, and when opened, can act as an impromptu stand for your Galaxy S6 in both landscape and portrait orientations. The felt-lined interior of the case ensures the glass of your S6 won't suffer any scratches while being stowed.

The clasp isn't especially strong, and can be overcome with a strong flick of the phone. It would also be nice if there was a magnet included in the front flap to lock and unlock the screen as you open and close the case. That said, you probably don't want powerful magnets right next to your credit cards. Even though wireless charging works fine through the case, the electromagnetic fields can be bad news for your cards. That means if you're going to keep your cards in the case, you'll have to forego the Qi charger.

The verdict

Three cards is enough for me to get by for most outings, and combined with phone-based door controls, you could even leave the keys at home too. A slightly stronger clasp would be nice, but on the whole, the puregear Folio Wallet Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is immensely practical. Pick it up at ShopAndroid for $36.95.

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