Remember PhotoScan? The app that lets you save digital copies of your printed photos to Google Photos? It's a neat way to store those old photographs, loose Polaroids, and school pictures in the cloud — just in case. Google has announced it's pushing out an update to the service. With it comes two new helpful tricks that will make PhotoScan easier to use.

The first new addition is the ability to turn off glare removal, which will enable you to scan in your photos with just the press of a button — rather than having to scan in each corner of the photo, as is typically the case when the glare removal option is turned on. The second new feature lets you immediately share your new scan with other people. You don't have to wait to log on to Google Photos and locate it to share with your bestie.

The PhotoScan update is minor, but it should make the app more user-friendly. It's also a helpful reminder the service exists. I, myself, am going to go through a couple of Polaroids right now. If you'd like to do the same, you can download the app for Android and iOS.