Do you like to doodle? I find it particularly difficult to do so with just my mouse on the screen, but fortunately, Google has artificial intelligence that can help effectively translate what it is I'm attempting to draw.

Google's automated drawing bot is called AutoDraw and it's available to play with right now. The browser-based bot is based on the Quick, Draw! experiment launched some time ago and, per the introductory video, it's meant as a "drawing tool for the rest of us."

AutoDraw is exceptionally responsive and easy to use, though not always accurate. Select the Auto Draw tool to see suggestions as you're drawing. Once the Google's intelligence engine catches on to what you're attempting to do, you can select the image that's closest to what you're going for to convert your scrawl into passable clip art. Here are a few examples of mine, both of which I drew without the aid of a stylus.

Behold, my attempt at drawing with AutoDraw.

You don't have to hang with the artificial intelligence engine if you don't want to either. There's a "free draw" tool, which lets you create without Google looking over your shoulder. When you're finished practicing your Picasso skills, you can save and share your creation as a PNG file. And the best part is that AutoDraw works inside the browser on both your computer and mobile device.