Google Wallet

Previously only available to Sprint Nexus S 4G owners, Google's NFC-based payment app, Google Wallet, has just been updated to add support for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S on AT&T. So if you're a Nexus owner on AT&T, you can hit the Android Market and find out what all the fuss is about. We've confirmed that the app can now be loaded onto the unlocked Galaxy Nexus or any Nexus S, provided you have an AT&T SIM loaded. But right now it appears that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is still unable to get Google Wallet officially, though there workarounds, of course. Same goes for the Nexus S on T-Mobile.

This is also good news for anyone considering picking up AT&T's version of the Samsung Galaxy Note in the weeks ahead. The AT&T Note supports NFC, and so barring any silly device-level limitations, Google Wallet should work just fine on that phone, too.

We've got Android Market links for all you AT&T people after the break, as well as some instruction for if it doesn't work right away for you.

  • 1). from your phone, go to Make sure to go through the BROWSER
  • 2). Search for Google Wallet. Should be the third result. Click on it. Make sure to keep selecting "Browser" instead of "market" but do not make this the default
  • 3). Click on install. It will ask you to log in. DO so. It will then load your "device compatability list) and none will work.
  • 4), hit the BACK button, and this time, select MARKET. This should pop you into your android market app, and it should install even as your phone informs you it's not compatible!
  • 5). Profit.

Thanks, Jason!