The EU's case against Google was officially filed in April, and the company has been rather quiet on the topic until now. In an interview with Politico, Google's President of EMEA Business and Operations, Matt Brittin, gave some insight on the suit from Google's perspective. During this, he admits that the company "doesn't always get it right," and that they "need to do a better job of explaining the opportunity and where Google plays its part.

Brittin's position is a rather new one within the company, and it was created to unify Google's operations in Europe. He plans to be in Brussels at least once a month going forward, though there is no indication what his time there will be spent doing. While Google admits fault to not being perfect, they are dismissive of the charges that it abused its position as the dominant search engine. Brittin said:

There is no evidence that consumers have been harmed here, and actually no evidence that complainants have been harmed.

The case is reportedly based upon 19 complainants, many of which are US companies, or backed by US companies.

Source: Politico