Gecko Design acquisition would help Google commercialize advanced research projects

Google is showing that it may be moving more into the hardware space thanks to the acquisition of Gecko Design, a mechanical engineering and product design firm, that was announced today. Though details of the deal were not disclosed, Gecko's design team will be joining Google X, the Internet search giant's laboratory for advanced technology research projects.

With Gecko under the management of Google X, hopefully that will mean we'll see more interesting, fashion-forward, and consumer-friendly designs for current projects that Google X has announced, which includes Google Glass and the smart contact lens.

Gecko Design has quite a bit of experience with design, including works for clients like FitBit, Sonos, HP, and Logitech, and hopefully it could infuse some of that design thinking into Google's hardware endeavors, transforming functional hardware into sleek consumer products that people would want to buy.

What do you think of the Gecko Design acquisition and Google's newfound focus on creating hardware?

Source: WSJ