The Galaxy S8 was rumored to offer a 4K display, but it looks like that won't be the case. According to SamMobile, Samsung will continue to offer a QHD Super AMOLED panel, albeit with a new substrate. That isn't all, as the publication notes that Samsung is all set to get rid of the 3.5mm port. The phone will offer USB-C, so if you're interested in wired audio, you'll have to pick up USB-C headphones.

The report also claims that Samsung is moving away from the Diamond PenTile sub-pixel arrangement to a standard RGB layout. The change is motivated out of a need to create more immersive virtual reality environments. With PenTile (RGBG), there are two sub-pixels per pixel — with twice as many green sub-pixels as red and blue. With RGB, there are individual red, green, and blue sub-pixels that combine to form one pixel. When it comes to the Galaxy S7 edge, RGBG translates to 7,372,800 pixels overall, whereas RGB would result in 11,059,200 pixels.

Samsung may also ditch the home button on the Galaxy S8, with a fingerprint sensor embedded directly within the display. That's not to mention the virtual assistant that Samsung will introduce with the Galaxy S8. The phone is slated to make its debut early next year, and will be one of the most important launches for the company in recent memory.