Galaxy S7 edge reference pops up on Samsung's developer site

In case there was any doubt surrounding the naming of Samsung's upcoming flagships, the Galaxy S7 Edge has popped up in a reference on the company's developer website. If you navigate to Samsung's look SDK page, the S7 Edge is mentioned right alongside the Galaxy S6 edge and S6 Edge Plus (seen below) in three different spots.

S7 edge reference

And while there isn't a specific mention of the non-edge Galaxy S7, we at least have confirmation of the Galaxy S7 edge's existence. Regardless, we're expecting to see both smartphones in the flesh at Samsung's upcoming February 21 Unpacked event ahead of Mobile World Congress.

On one final interesting note, Samsung's developer page also makes mention to Google's upcoming Android N release, particularly concerning a number of edge screen and S Pen features that will be deprecated when it arrives. While Android N is likely several months away, it's still interesting to see Samsung's mention of the yet-to-be-revealed OS.

Source: Samsung; Via: Droid Life

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge


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