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If you're on the fence about picking up a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge following Samsung's big announcement, they're hoping a free Gear VR will encourage you to open your wallet. On top of making it easy to walk into just about any carrier store or Best Buy store with a Samsung Experience shop to see the phone a couple of days before it is officially available to purchase, Samsung is tossing in $150 worth of freebies. Unlike last year's Samsung freebies, which were entirely software, Samsung is making the Gear VR and six games available for free when you purchase the phone.

Samsung and Oculus have been working hard to make the Gear VR something users will pick up for their Samsung phones, but this move all but guarantees a massive spike in new users. From February 23rd to March 18th, buying one of Samsung's new phones gets you a Gear VR. We still don't know what the six games are that will be included in the free pack, but our experiences with the Oculus Store to date has revealed quite a few amazing titles for the platform.

Samsung has a website set up for more details for taking advantage of this promotion, so as long as there aren't a ton of hoops to jump through to get your Gear VR this is a pretty sweet deal to take advantage of. Does this move push you over the edge into picking up a new Gear VR? Sound off in the comments!