Samsung offers case or charger for trying Samsung Pay

Samsung's latest promotion scores Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ owners a new case or wireless charger for simply adding a new card to Samsung Pay. The new promotion, which is only good for a limited time, scores you your choice of accessory for simply adding a supported card to the app.

To get started, launch the Samsung Pay app on your Galaxy S6 edge+ or Note 5, then follow the prompts to add a card. Once you have added a card, tap on More in the top right corner, then Announcements. A Samsung Pay Activation Offer will show, tap on that, then scroll to the Get my FREE Accessory button. Tapping on that will bring up a page to accept the terms and conditions, and after that you will be presented a screen with a coupon code. You can shop on your phone or on a computer, and use that coupon code for either a wireless charger or wallet case, though you can't select the color of the accessory.

The promotion ends on October 11, and the unique promotional code must be redeemed before November 15. If you own a Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 edge+, be sure to check out the offer before it ends.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5


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