Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung is rolling out a new model of its questionably successful Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet line, this time in Korea with LTE on board. Not only will that LTE provide users with a data connection, but Samsung has chosen to go all the way and offer VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) on the device also. Now you won't be holding this thing up to your head, but willing participants could surely use a bluetooth or wired headset to make calls if they really wanted to.

New wireless connectivity isn't the only big part of this story though, this device is hitting out of the box with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as well. The update will further develop the multi-window functionality on the tablet, now allowing a wider range of applications to take advantage of Samsung's window management software. The S Pen also picks up new features like hovering to preview items and others. These upgrades to Note-specific software will look familiar to anyone that has used the latest Galaxy Note 2.

The last line item on the software updates side in this release indicates that other models of the Note 10.1 around the world in both 3G and Wifi configurations will be receiving the update as well, although "throughout the year" is the only timeframe offered in this particular release.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow