Smartphone FuturologyWhat's next for mobile technology...

by Shen Ye

A four-part series on Mobile Nations

Welcome to Smartphone Futurology. In this series of science-filled articles, Mobile Nations guest contributor Shen Ye walks through current technologies in use within our phones, as well as the cutting-edge stuff still being developed in the lab. There's quite a bit of science ahead, as a lot of the future discussions are based on scientific papers with a vast amount of technical jargon, but we've tried to keep things as plain and simple as possible. So if you want to dive deeper into just how the guts of your phone function, this is the series for you.

About the author

Shen Ye is an Android developer and MSci graduate in Chemistry from the University of Bristol. Catch him on Twitter @shen and Google+ +ShenYe.

Part 1: Battery technology


Battery performance — in both longevity and charging — is one of the areas of mobile tech in which there's still plenty of room for improvement, and there's a wealth of different technologies in development aiming to do just that. Find out how smartphone batteries work, and learn about the technologies currently in the lab which may lead to longer battery life and quicker charging times. Read More

Part 2: Display technology


On a modern mobile device, the screen acts as the main input and output device. It's the most visible part of the phone, and one of its most power-hungry components. Over the past few years we've seen screen resolutions (and sizes) reach into the stratosphere, to the point where many phones now pack 1080p displays or higher. But the future of mobile displays is about more than just size and pixel density. Read More

Part 3: Processors and memory


The SoC (system on a chip) and flash storage are the electronic brains of our devices. The rise of smartphones, and fierce competition among rival manufacturers, has accelerated the pace of technological progress in both these areas. And we're not done yet — there are ever wilder technologies on the horizon that may some day find their way into future devices. Read More

Part 4: Smartphone glass and materials


The series final part covers the science behind one really important area of smartphone build quality — the glass of the touchscreen. And as we're wrapping up the series, we'll also see how the current state of mobile tech compares to predictions made almost a decade ago. Read More