Nice and naughty

Yeah, yeah. We've heard it all before. Android and its mostly open application ecosystem in Google Play is a haven for smut. The Android Phone is for Porn, and all that. Of course, so is any device with a web browser. And as we've seen before, there are some "good" adult apps in Google Play -- as well as a bunch of crap that you'll want to say far away from.

But what about applications that for all intents and purposes are completely acceptable to have on your phone? Apps that nobody would think twice upon seeing. For parents who keep track of what their kids are downloading, some apps might not garner a second glance. Spouses might not suspect a thing.

We all know better, of course. Here are a handful of mostly innocent Android applications that can bring out the naughty side without, ahem, arousing suspicion. 

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Instagram has the detractor of mostly being an on-device app. You can't really view bodies of work in a web browser, though you can see individual images, and sharing to other services such as Facebook and Twitter are a cinch. So is search for seedier images through hashtags, such as the ever-popular #thongthursday and #friskyfriday. We'd recommend staying away from #muumuumonday, though.



500px (that's short for 500 pixels, which at one time was considered to be the "ideal" width at which to view images in a web browser), long has been home to some of the greatest photography online. There's some stunning stuff on there. Of course, art ain't always rated G. And there's something to be said (quite a lot, actually) for raw, provocative works. But much like kids in the 1980s seeking out nudie pics in the otherwise educational Encyclopedia Britannica, 500px also is a treasure trove of bare skin. Highly artistic, well-lit bare skin, but flesh nonetheless.



Perhaps we should have mentioned Twitter first. But there's a reason to bury it down here. A couple, actually. For one, it's a fairly obvious pick. Twitter is a window into the 140-character mind of the world, with no real filter. That means plenty of uncensored material, juts waiting to be searched. The same hashtag rules apply with Instagram, though you'll have to sift through more spam and repeats. You might also have to explain why, in addition to Conan O'Brien, you're following Coco. But that's your problem, not ours.



Yeah, yeah. Google+ another social network, with the usual hashtags. (See above.) And any overt nudity will get squashed right quick. But we're including it for a single reason: Animated GIFs. (Though you'll need to hop over to the browser side of things for those.)

Google Books/Amazon Kindle/Barnes & Noble Nook apps

Amazon KindleAmazon Kindle

It's not all about nudie pics, of course. The advent of the e-reader -- and e-reader apps, of course -- means that you can get your 50 Shades of Grey fix on the subway, without attracting too much attention. On the other hand, a little bit of covert mommy porn might be the least perverse thing you see on the A Train.