Facebook wants you to know when your friends are nearby, if they're cool with that

Facebook has announced an interesting new feature called Nearby Friends which does pretty much exactly what you think it does. User can optionally turn on broad proximity notifications, so you and your friends can get a notice when your friends are nearby. You can set specific friends and friends lists to get these notifications, and it only works if both parties have it enabled. The new system also allows you to share specific GPS coordinates for a limited amount of time with selected contacts.

Though many Facebook users will likely want to keep their location private, I could see Nearby Friends being useful for coordinating larger gatherings and facilitating impromptu meetings with folks you haven’t seen in awhile. As is, Facebook Messenger already allows rough location sharing, and this is a sensible extension.

Nearby Friends isn’t live just yet, but should be hitting iOS and Android devices “in the coming weeks”. How touchy are you guys about sharing your location? When this goes live, will you be enabling it?

Source: Facebook