Since revealing its new strategy for Facebook as a platform on mobile, it has been making steady improvements to its SDK for Android which lets developers integrate Facebook features into their apps. First up is an improvement to the Facebook sharing experience, which now won't require a Facebook login at the time of sharing assuming you have the Facebook app installed. Users will be quickly redirected to the share menu in the Facebook app, and sent right back to the original app once the item is shared.

Additionally, the latest SDK is making it easier for developers to access and use Facebook's "Open Graph". Developers no longer need to host webpages and can simply use an Object API to insert Open Graph objects into their app. The biggest user-facing change in this SDK update is an improved login UI, which looks more modern and has a simple "Log in with Facebook" button. This change will come without any code changes on behalf of the developer.

Today's updates are pretty important to developers, and most importantly will end up making an improved experience for end users. Be on the lookout for these changes as developers integrate the new SDK into their apps.

Source: Facebook Developers