Facebook Home

The New York Times is reporting that the original development team at Facebook responsible for the Facebook Home Android skin has been disbanded, but the company has since sent out a statement claiming that development of Home will continue.

The NYT, citing unnamed sources, claims that the Facebook Home team members have been reassigned to other mobile projects. For example, Joey Flynn, the lead designer for Facebook Home, is now working on the recently launched Slingshot app, according to the article.

Engadget claims that, according to what a Facebook spokesperson stated, there is still a team working on Facebook Home. However, the app itself had not been updated since January 13. Facebook launched the Home app with much fanfare over a year ago in a bid to create an Android skin that would basically take over from the normal version of Google's OS. However, poor reviews combined with a limited number of compatible Android phones didn't help it score many users in the long run.

What do you think of Facebook Home and should the company simply retire the app?

Source: New York Times; Engadget