Did the Galaxy S5 Google Play edition just sneak through Bluetooth certification?

An unannounced Samsung smartphone — the SM-G900FG — made its way through the Bluetooth SIG's certification process recently, and this might very well be a Google Play edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The current TouchWiz-ed Galaxy S5 is the SM-G900F, and last year's Galaxy S4 Google Play edition was the GT-I9505G (the standard Galaxy S4 being the GT-I9505), so it stands to reason that a Galaxy S5 with a model number appended with a G could very well be a Google Play edition as well.

The Google Play Edition phones come with as close to stock Android on them as is possible and are sold at full price through the Google Play Store. The Galaxy S4 Google Play edition is still available, though a few weeks back the image for it was replaced for a few hours with one of the Galaxy S5 (just the backside, though).

When HTC released the new HTC One M8, they also released an M8 Google Play edition. Unlike the previous Google Play devices, this one had some additional software libraries that took advantage of unique hardware features on the One M8, like the dual cameras on the back and the IR blaster up top.

It's likely that a Google Play edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5 would include similar software additions on top of vanilla Android, perhaps offering support for the phone's integrated fingerprint scanner.

Does a Google Play edition Galaxy S5 appeal to those of you that opted not to get the Galaxy S5 laden with Samsung's interface and apps?

Source: Bluetooth SIG; Via: SamMobile