It's no secret that case and accessory makers often get early access to specifications — and even renders — of unreleased phones, and one has surfaced today giving us a stylistic look at the back of the Galaxy S8. This one comes courtesy of the well-known peel-and-stick phone skin company dbrand, which makes skins for just about every popular phone out there.

dbrand Galaxy S8 renderdbrand Galaxy S8 render

The renders are styled out in the exact same way as other recent Samsung phone launches, and these look very much like the ones you'll start to see all over the internet in the next couple weeks as accessory makers start to get out ahead of the launch at the end of March.

Might as well customize your skin before the phone is even released.

dbrand is using the renders in its skin customization tool, letting you pick various color combinations for the front, back and accents around the Galaxy S8. By playing with the tools you can get a better feel for just how much area you'll be able to skin — and considering the small bezels in the latest model, it's going to be even less than before. Though thankfully you'll be able to apply a skin to the bottom bezel much easier now with the physical home button going away.

Heck, dbrand is even letting you pre-order a skin for the Galaxy S8, even though it hasn't been released. You can snag a full set for the phone for around $17, then wait (not so) patiently for over a month.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


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