Cruzerlite SPI-Force Galaxy Note 2 case


Trying to get a case for the Galaxy Note 2 that protects it but doesn't add too much more bulk to an already large device is tough, and Cruzerlite has decided to not even attempt to keep things small with its SPI-Force case offering. Instead, what you are getting for the extra bulk is serious protection around the entire device and a sturdy center-mounted kickstand for when you need it.

This is going to be a polarizing case design, but it's one worth looking at if you need some intense protection for your Note 2. Stick with us after the break and learn a little more about the Cruzerlite SPI-Force case.

In similar styling to other cases that we've seen, the Cruzerlite SPI-Force case is a two-piece design comprised of a hard inner shell with a rubberized outer shell that clasps over it at the edges and corners. Not only does it offer a cool two-tone look (the one we reviewed was intensely "Android" colored) but also two layers of protection.

Cruzerlite SPI-Force Galaxy Note 2 caseAnd you really do get some serious protection. That rubber outer case is a very hard rubber material that is patterned out on the back much like a tire, with large square knobs across the back that absorb shock and keep it planted to whatever you set the phone on. The inside case isn't completely hard — it gives ever so much so you can fit it around the phone — but is much harder than the black rubber outer shell, and has ribs along the sides to help you hold onto a device that is now well over what is comfortable to use in one hand.

While the kickstand on the back isn't metal like some others, it does seem very sturdy and has the added bonus of being center-mounted, which helps with stability whenever it's propped up. The stand folds up out from the case and locks in place as well, again being more sturdy than your standard spring-loaded kickstands.

If you need some serious protection from the elements for your Galaxy Note 2, the Cruzerlite SPI-Force case should probably be on your short list. It's available now from for just $19.95 in orange, green, pink, purple, red, blue and black colors.