6 years ago

Silver GSM Xoom shows up in Dubai



Fresh of the heels of a potential WiFi only Xoom showing it's face in the FCC, the Motorola Xoom has shown it's face once again, this time in a different flavor. Tbreak has a hands-on video with a Xoom tricked out in silver, and sporting a GSM radio on the inside. There is also confirmation that the UAE will be receiving the Xoom in WiFi-only and 3G GSM + WiFi models, which is just more proof that a WiFi-only version does exist.

Aside from that, it's the same Xoom we've all come to know and love. This one will be hitting Dubai, and there's no word on how this will be comparable in terms of pricing, but our guess is there won't be much change from it's rumored $800 price tag here in the U.S. We can only hope this sort of variety is something we'll eventually see here at home, and the sooner the better. Hit the jump for the video hands-on. [tbreak via Engadget]

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6 years ago

Did a WiFi only Motorola XOOM just appear at the FCC?


We've been discussing the possibility of a WiFi only Motorola XOOM showing up for quite some time now and although Motorola gave us a partial confirmation, that was seemingly only for Latin America. We're still looking for the North American branch of Motorola to come out and say one exists and will be sold here. Although, we may not necessarily need them to considering what is now showing up at the FCC. As described in the documents, Motorola submitted the following:

This equipment operates in the 2.4 GHz band functioning as Bluetooth and WiFi (part 15.247) as well as in the 5GHz UNII sub-bands I & IV non-DFS WiFi (part 15.407). The unit may also be connected to a computer via a USB connection. (Part 15B Computing Device Peripheral).

That sure sounds like a XOOM to us. Couple it with the fact the SARS report is in-line with that of the originally posted XOOM and we're drawing a blank as to what else it could be. There is actually two reports showing the same ID, the other shows it as a tablet. Hit the break for that image. Share your thoughts in the comments folks. [via FCC] Thanks, Tom!

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6 years ago

Toshiba Honeycomb tablet website goes live



Back in January we got a hands-on look at Toshiba's upcoming Honeycomb-based tablet (which, of course, was still running Froyo at the time).  Now, we all can take virtual look at it as Toshiba has put up a page for the upcoming tablet. Not too much new information here, and it's still nameless, but there is a nice video and flash overview of the device which you can dive into. No solid information on a release date, but the website does note a release of sometime this Spring. [Toshiba]

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6 years ago

Moto Xoom at Best Buy Feb 24, with $799 price tag


Moto Xoom at Best Buy

Now that we've seen the Super Bowl commercial for the Motorola Xoom, it's time to get disappointed by the price tag.  Yes, the rumors of the Xoom being in the $800 dollar range are pretty much confirmed by a copy of Best Buy's sales ad showing the price at $799.99.  It also tells us that the Xoom will be in the stores on Feb 24, and gives us a breakdown of the data packages being offered by big red, which varies from 1 GB for $20 monthly all the way to 10 GB for $80 monthly. 

Still, the Motorola Xoom is one hell of a tablet, and hopefully we'll see a reasonable price on a WiFi only model soon. [Engadget]

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6 years ago

15 seconds of Motorola's Xoom tablet Super Bowl commercial


Youtube link for mobile viewing

We've already seen a teaser for Motorola's Xoom tablet Super Bowl commercial, and now here's a 15-second clip of the commercial itself. Just a few days until we see the whole thing!

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6 years ago

Rogue Grand Rapids Best Buy store outs launch dates for Thunderbolt, Xoom


Best Buy Dates

Well, how about that. A single Best Buy store's Facebook page appears to confirm the news we broke a week ago -- the HTC Thunderbolt will be available Feb. 14. Also note that the Motorola Xoom Honeycomb tablet is supposedly available Feb. 24 -- another date that's certainly been making the rounds.

Let's be clear -- the Best Buy Grand Rapids South Facebook page isn't exactly the same as news coming from the steps of Best Buy HQ. But we take what we can get around here, we suppose. [Best Buy Grand Rapids South Facebook via Droid Life]

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6 years ago

Google posts Honeycomb event video


Did you miss our live coverage or just want to see all of Google's Honeycomb demos shown in video format? Well, Google has your back and has posted a video of their entire Honeycomb event on to YouTube. The video will run just over 50 minutes but is well worth the time as Google employees and guests show off apps, widgets, multitasking, notifications, and more. (And see if you can spot Phil!) [YouTube]

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6 years ago

Fuze Meeting -- multi-party HD collaboration app for Honeycomb


Fuze Meeting

We had a look at Fuze Meeting for Android when it kicked things up a notch and released a tablet-specific application, and now they have gone a step further.  Fuze Meeting will be the first collaboration application for Honeycomb, delivering HD mobile video, full hosting abilities and pinch-to-zoom and iPoint laser technology for the Motorola Xoom.

Fuze Box says that hosts and attendees will be able to view up to 10 high resolution videos in a single instance of the app, which should give the new rendering engine in Honeycomb a run for it's money.  If they can pull it off well, this will make the Motorola Xoom a serious business tool, and a true competitor to the iPad.  Hit the break for the full press release.

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6 years ago

Chad Johnson, aka Ochocinco, gets a Motorola Xoom


 Ochocinco's Xoom

In one of the more bizarre stories of the new year, Chad Johnson (aka Ochocinco) has somehow gotten his hands on a Motorola Xoom. "How?" and "Why?" are questions that may never be answered, but we can assume it has something to do with him being, well, Chad Johnson. But he has been seen promoting Motorola devices before, so it's fairly safe to say he's on the payroll. Still, this would seem to give credence to the rumored Feb. 17 launch date and would would fit nicely with an announcement before the entire U.S. with the upcoming Super Bowl ad.

Until then, the rest of us will just have to sit and wait patiently -- and be jealous. Very, very jealous. [Twitter]

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6 years ago

Motorola Xoom Superbowl ad teaser takes a shot at Apple


YouTube link for mobile viewing

The Super Bowl is right around the corner and we're all anxious to see what products are advertised during the game since they reach so many viewers.

We have our first teaser by Motorola for the highly anticipated Xoom tablet. The ad takes place in space with a quick reference to Apple's 1984 ad before showing off the Xoom's qualities.

After the reference to 1984, the ad shows off 1080p playback, 3G and 4G models, dual cameras and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). Towards the end, Motorola appears to take a shot at Apple by saying "It's Time to Live a Free Life" after going through phrases such as "One Authority" and "One Design." It's a sweet commercial that makes us more anxious to see what's plugged during the Super Bowl.

Update: This is a teaser for the ad during the Superbowl, not the actual commercial. For the actual commercial, tune in to the game on Sunday.

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6 years ago

Win a free Motorola Xoom tablet from Android Central and Wyse Technology

Only three days left to enter to win a Motorola Xoom!

Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom is looking to be the Android tablet to beat so far -- check out of first look at CES. And if the rumors are correct, it could well be launched in the next few weeks on Verizon.

And that means it's time to give one away. We're teaming up with Wyse Technology, developer of the Pocket Cloud app, to deliver one unactivated -- and free -- Motorola Xoom tablet, running the Honeycomb version of Android. Hit the break for the full details and instructions on how to enter.

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6 years ago

Atrix 4G, Xoom coming at the end of February, Motorola Mobility CEO says


Motororola Atrix 4G 

It pays to listen to Motorola Mobility's quarterly earnings calls, because new CEO Sanjay Jha (OK, old CEO, but new CEO of the newly separate MM ... you know what we mean) dropped a little news on a couple of devices you might care about.

The Motorola Atrix 4G is due on AT&T by the end of February, he said. The Xoom could be late February or March (Verizon's said Q1 from the outset, so Jha's hedge is safe either way). The LTE-capable Droid Bionic's slated for the end of the second quarter, as is the hardware upgrade (whatever that ends up being) for the Xoom to get LTE data. Good news, indeed.

Oh, and highlights of the earnings report:

  • Revenue accrual of $3.4 billion, which is 21% higher than Q4 2009
  • Mobile devices comprised of $2.4 billion of that revenue, which is up 33% from 2009
  • 4.9 million smartphones were shipped
  • Operating cash revenue sits at $225 million

Full announcement's after the break. [Motorola]

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7 years ago

Motorola Xoom $699 at Best Buy?


Motorola Xoom Best Buy Price

Dunno about you, but we'd be perfectly happy if Best Buy drops the price of the Motorola Xoom Android 3.0 tablet $100 when it's released on Feb. 17. (Droid Attic's leak also apparently confirms the launch date.)

The $699 unsubsidized price isn't a huge drop from Verizon's $800 minimum advertised price -- news we broke on Friday -- but it's a start. Chances are we'll see prices fluctuate -- they always do -- and we'll be on the lookout for those "Price so low we can't advertise them" deals. Again, you can sell for less than the MAP, you're just not supposed to advertise it. [via Droid Attic]

Update: Droid-Life was sent some sort of "price verification" receipt that shows $799. So $700, $800, either way, you might want to start getting loan papers together.

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7 years ago

Motorola Xoom at Best Buy on Feb. 17?


Motorola Xoom at Best Buy

When we broke the news of the Motorola Xoom's minimum advertised price, the obvious question remained -- WHEN can we get one? Looks like Feb. 17 will be the date at Best Buy, if this leaked screenshot is to be believed. Whether that matches when Verizon itself will make the Android 3.0 tablet available remains to be seen.

And just to reiterate -- the $799 price that we brought you is the "minimum advertised price" and not what you're likely to have to pay for all that Honeycomb goodness.  Everyone's favorite Panda is anticipating a $500 or so price tag after subsidy, and we're inclined to agree. Though any Wifi-only version is going to have to come down a bit before we break out our wallets. [Engadget]

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7 years ago

Motorola Xoom accessories show up in Verizon's system


Motorola Xoom Cases

You want some actual news about accessories to go along with the initial pricing info for the Motorola Xoom tablet, eh? We've got you covered. Above is what Verizon apparently will have on hand, and it's quite the portfolio. You've got a camera kit cable (oooh, fancy), a media dock and advanced HDMI dock, silicone cases, travel charger and car charger. Everything a budding Android tableteer could need, we reckon. Thanks, K!

Update: Tweaked the headline. The accessories have been listed on Moto's website but are just now in Verizon's system. Thanks, Kellen!

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