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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S5 available in 125 countries from today

Samsung Galaxy S5

Gear Fit, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo also going on general sale today

Today is the day. Samsung Galaxy S5 day. After weeks of waiting, pre-orders from various carriers and retailers across the world, today you can just head to a store, give someone some money and walk out with a new Galaxy S5.

Some folks got theirs early, sure. For example the UKs new Samsung Experience Stores were allowing pre-order customers to pick up their new phones yesterday evening. Also going on general sale – again, some folks have been able to get them early – are the Gear Fit, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo wearables.

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3 years ago

Here's how region-locking works on the European Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 region lock sticker

Samsung's new region-locking sticker isn't as scary as before, and actually explains what's going on

Think back to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 last year, and you might remember a bit of hubbub surrounding supposedly "unlocked" devices in some countries coming with a so-called region-lock. The situation eventually turned out not to be quite so bad as was first feared, with devices being fully unlocked if they were "activated" with a SIM from within the approved region.

The situation with the Galaxy S5's region lock is a bit different, and fortunately the sticker on the box fully explains what's going on this time.

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S5 on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint lacking Download Booster feature

Download Booster on Galaxy S5

Only T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular in the U.S. offering the Wifi and 4G LTE combined download tool

One of the many features Samsung crowed about when launching the Galaxy S5 in Barcelona was Download Booster. A hybrid of your Wifi and 4G LTE data connection, it's there to help you download large files faster. The good news if you're a T-Mobile customer is that you'll be able to use it. The bad news for folks on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint is that you can't.

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3 years ago

Launch-day OTA updates waiting for European Galaxy S5 buyers

Samsung Galaxy S5 update

If you're picking up an unlocked European Samsung Galaxy S5 on launch day tomorrow (or you've been able to get hold of one early), you'll want to make sure you snag the first two — yes, two — software updates for the new handset. After setting up your shiny new GS5, you'll be prompted to install one 30MB update, then another 16MB one. After that you should end up on build U1ANCE, which according to Samsung's changelog includes stability fixes.

As always, software on carrier-branded GS5s will differ, and we haven't noticed any updates on our AT&T model in the U.S. just yet.

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3 years ago

HTC One M8 is now available at retail from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon


Verizon had the retail store lock down on the new HTC One M8 since the initial release, but now those of you with AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint can get in on the brick-and-mortar sales fun as well. T-Mobile's availability kicks off tomorrow. The HTC One M8 is now available for purchase in carriers stores that aren't sporting a big red checkmark.

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3 years ago

Got your new Samsung Galaxy S5? Share your thoughts in the Android Central forums!

Samsung Galaxy S5 box

Join other early adopters in the Galaxy S5 forums!

The Samsung Galaxy S5's official global launch date isn't until tomorrow, April 11, but some folks have already managed to get their hands on Samsung's 2014 flagship. In the U.S., some carrier pre-orders have been arriving early, and in the U.K. some newly-opened Samsung stores are allowing pre-order customers to collect their handsets from this evening.

So, GS5 early adopters, we want to hear from you. And the best place to share your thoughts is over on the Android Central Galaxy S5 forums, which are already buzzing with discussion on Samsung's latest smartphone. Hit the link below to head on over there!

More: Samsung Galaxy S5 forums

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3 years ago

AT&T LG G2 receiving update to fix previous update


There's a new update available for AT&T LG G2, and it fixes something that went wrong with the last update. If you'll recall, back in February the AT&T LG G2 got its first taste of Android 4.4.2. Unfortunately, it seems that that update to KitKat also introduced a few bugs that made things less convenient for Google+ and Google Wallet users.

Specifically, it made the Tap & Pay option for Google Wallet disappear. Now, with a 5.59MB update (679MB if you somehow haven't updated to Android 4.4.2 yet), that is fixed and all things are right in the world.

Source: AT&T

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S5 has its private parts analyzed by iFixit


One of the first things that goes along with the release of a new device is of course a good teardown video, and iFixit has offered one up again, this times for the Samsung Galaxy S5. In addition to rehashing the basic specs we already know, we get to see all the goodies that make the S5 tick.

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S5 coming with 6-months free Deezer music in selected countries


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is almost upon us – or actually upon us in some cases – and for folks in selected countries your purchase comes with a musical value added bonus. Music subscription service Deezer has partnered with Samsung to offer a free 6-month subscription package with the Galaxy S5 that's worth £60/€60 in value.

Deezer hasn't yet made it to the U.S., – sorry folks – but for those picking one up in Europe this is a great deal to get with the phone. The Deezer catalog is pretty well packed out with music, and the subscription level of the package will allow for full access and offline caching.

via MusicWeek

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3 years ago

The new ZTE Redbull doesn't give you wings, or cost a lot


ZTE has pulled the wraps off its latest – seemingly China specific – smartphone, the Redbull. And while it doesn't give you wings and may well end up the subject of a lawsuit, it does offer pretty decent value for money. Packing a 5-inch 720p display and a 13MP Sony CMOS camera sensor, the Redbull will cost the equivalent of just $135.

Other specs of note are a quad-core Snapdragon (MSM8926 or MSM8928) CPU, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of onboard storage with microSD card expansion and a removable 2400mAh battery. The Redbull also comes in an 'Energy' version – you can almost smell the lawsuit from here – which bumps the RAM to 2GB and onboard storage up to 8GB. This races the price slightly to around $160.

Oh, and it comes in a variety of colors, including some quite bright yellow and green options. It's gone on sale immediately in China, but there's no indication if we'll ever see it anywhere else. And if we did it'd likely have a different name.

Source: GizChina, CNMO

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3 years ago

Buy a Galaxy S5 from Rogers, get a Gear 2 Neo for $49


Save $170 over buying the phone and watch separately

We already knew that the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be coming to Rogers, but the carrier is sweetening the deal today by offering a steep discount on the Gear 2 Neo if you purchase the phone and wearable at the same time. If you agree to buy the Galaxy S5 on a two-year contract, you'll be able to pick up the Gear 2 Neo for just $49.99, a solid discount off of the $219.99 MSRP Rogers has listed.

The Galaxy S5 will set you back a cool $249.99 on-contract from the carrier, but if you're looking to pick up both of the latest gadgets at the same time the prices will work out in your favor. You can get your order of the Galaxy S5 lined up ahead of time with Rogers Reserve, and have it ready to go when the phone's available on April 11th.

Source: Rogers

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3 years ago

Nexus 5 now available from Odin Mobile, speciality carrier serving the visually impaired


Odin Mobile sells wireless devices and service for the visually impaired, and just started carrying the Nexus 5. For $399, subscribers get the handset and a month of usability support over the phone, though you can skip the service and save $40. Devices are preloaded with a smattering of accessibility apps set up, which is a nice touch. One of them is Talkback, which is actually baked into Android, and allows users to get audio queues about which apps their finger is hovering over.

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3 years ago

Samsung gets up-close and personal in new Galaxy S5 ad


Samsung is boasting "meaningful innovation" in its latest Galaxy S5 TV commercial. The video goes over the device in slow, sexy pans, highlighting the "state-of-the-art camera", heart rate sensor, IP67 water and dust resistance, 5.1-inch HD display, and dimpled back. The first Galaxy S5 ad aired during the Oscars last month.

We're not quite sure what the tagline "Real innovation begins when inspired by what matters to you" means, but maybe you guys can offer your take in the comments.

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3 years ago

Gapping and 4K heat reported by Sony Xperia Z2 owners


With widespread delays reported, Sony's having a tough time getting its new flagship phone, the Xperia Z2, out to consumers around the world. But even in countries where the Z2 has already gone on sale, there are reports of hardware issues affecting some users. Following the Xperia Z2's recent launch in Singapore, Sony's local arm has issued statements addressing some owners' concerns over build issues with the device.

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3 years ago

How to customize BlinkFeed on the HTC One M8

HTC BlinkFeed

How to add apps, social content, news, RSS, change colors and tweak settings in HTC's home screen reader

HTC's BlinkFeed home screen reader is at the heart of its Sense UI, bringing social updates, news and app content to a special scrolling list in the app launcher.

First introduced on the HTC One M7 last year, BlinkFeed returns in HTC Sense 6 with a new look, support for new services and even more customization options. Available first on the HTC One M8, HTC says BlinkFeed will eventually be coming to other Android phones through Google Play, giving owners of rival devices the chance to see what all the fuss is about.

And BlinkFeed is more customizable than ever in Sense 6. Check past the break to see how you can make BlinkFeed your own.

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