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5 years ago

How to use the Verizon Droid DNA on AT&T (or any other GSM network)


I'm getting a bit of a tingle down my spine. If you look at the specs for the HTC Droid DNA, you'll notice something that looks a little out of place. but only a little. Specifically, that there's a listing for UTMS/HSPA radio frequencies. Now that's not all that out of the ordinary -- Verizon's had world phones with GSM capability for some time now, and LTE's an offshoot of GSM. But generally such frequencies aren't listed out in the open like that.

That means it's time to experiment. And as you can see from the picture above, we've had success.

More: Check out our Droid DNA forums!

The Verizon Droid DNA is completely GSM unlocked. Pop in your SIM card, change your APN settings, and it'll work on any GSM network with 850/900/1900/2100 MHz. Here in the United States, that means AT&T, and T-Mobile as well, though you won't get 3G/4G speeds on the latter because the phone doesn't run on 1700 MHz. And, of course, it means you can use it outside the United States, whether you're using a roaming plan with Verizon, AT&T -- or use a foreign carrier's SIM card. Just change the APN settings and you're golden.

Of course, you'll also lose Verizon's excellent LTE network if you do this. But, still, a nice little trick. So how'd it do? We've got video and some speed tests after the break.

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5 years ago

Droid DNA hides a familiar feature on the back of the phone


It's time for another round of "What the hell is that?!?!" Ever since we brought you the first pictures of the Droid DNA weeks ago, we've been trying to explain the faint little circle to the left of the camera housing. In casual use, there's a good chance you'd never even notice it. But it's there. Actually, they're there. Sixty-one tiny pinholes in concentric circles.

So what are they? A speaker? A noise-canceling microphone?

Neither, actually.

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5 years ago

Android claims 72% of mobile market sales in Q3 2012


Gartner has released their research numbers for the third quarter of 2012, and they've found that Android accounted for 72.4% of mobile sales worldwide, which is up from 52.5% at the same time last year. That figure roughly lines up with what we've seen from IDC

By comparison, iOS is down to 13.9% from 15%, RIM is down 5.3% from 11%, and Microsoft is up a smidge to 2.4% from 1.5%, though Bada is hilariously beating it with a 3% share. The overall mobile market declined 3.1%, but smartphone growth increased 46.9% year over year. The manufacturer breakdown puts Samsung in the lead with 22.9% of sales in Q3, followed by Nokia with 19.2%, Apple with 5.5%, then ZTE, LG, Huawei, TCL, RIM, Motorola, and HTC after that. Be sure to check out some of these graphs from Asymco for some additional color on just how well Samsung is doing compared to everybody else. 

Android has been top of the smartphone heap for awhile now, but to see it leading the way in the overall mobile market sales is a pretty big deal. Now it's only a matter of the installed base of dumbphones to die out, though that might take awhile. What's the platform mix like in your neighborhood? Is Android as ubiquitous as the study would suggest, or is there a more even mix? How often do you see someone still using a feature phone? 

Source: Gartner

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5 years ago

More devices get stable CyanogenMod 10 builds; CM10.1 to be based on Android 4.2


Yesterday we brought you news that the first "stable" builds of CyanogenMod 10 had begun rolling out. Today a whole bunch of devices have stable CM10 builds waiting for them over at the official download site. Devices like the U.S. Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note, HTC One X and S, and Sony Xperia T are now supported, among many others -- 32 at the time of writing. If you're running a nightly build of CM10, you may want to double-check the list to see if your phone or tablet has stable code waiting.

What's more, an official statement by the CM team has announced work on CyanogenMod 10.1, which will be based on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The latest version of Jelly Bean was open-sourced last night through the Android Open-Source Project.

Download links for CM10 stable can be found at the sites below.

Source: CyanogenMod, get.cm

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5 years ago

JK Shin: Samsung won't settle with Apple


HTC and Apple's recently-announced legal settlement and cross-licensing agreement has had some wondering if Samsung might follow a similar path and attempt to resolve its legal conflicts with Apple.

But Samsung Mobile boss JK Shin poured cold water on this speculation, indicating that the South Korean company would not be entering into any negotiations with Cupertino. According to Korean news agency YonHap, Shin recently told reporters, "it may be true that HTC may have agreed to pay 300 billion won (US$276 million) to Apple, but we don't intend to (negotiate) at all."

It's unclear where the 300 billion won figure has come from -- the details of the settlement between HTC and Apple remain confidential. Some have speculated that HTC might be paying between $6 and $8 per phone to Apple in order to make use of its patent portfolio.

Samsung and Apple have traded blows in courts around the world over the past year. In August, a California court found in Apple's favor, ruling that Samsung must pay Apple more than $1 billion for copying elements of its iPhone design and infringing other patents. In other territories, Samsung has been successful in defending against Apple's litigation. The British High Court recently ruled that Samsung did not copy Apple's registered design for the iPad, and ordered Apple to take out ads to correct the impression that it had.

Today's statement from Shin suggests we can expect even more legal wrangling between Samsung and Apple in the year ahead.

Source: YonHap News Agency

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5 years ago

T-Mobile Galaxy S3 getting Jelly Bean update


Good news for T-Mobile USA Samsung Galaxy S3 owners this morning, as it seems a new over-the-air update for the device brings it up to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Numerous sources are reporting that the new software, version T999UVDLJA is rolling out to Tmo Galaxy S3 phones right now. Today's T-Mobile update follows Sprint's Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean roll-out a couple of weeks back.

If it's anything like that update, T-Mobile S3 owners should gain access to new TouchWiz features like Blocking Mode and new AllShare Cast sharing options in the new firmware, as well as standard Jelly Bean features like "Project Butter" performance enhancements and Google Now predictive search features.

If you're seeing the Jelly Bean update land on your Tmo Galaxy S3 this morning, shout out in the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

Source: SamMobile, XDA

More: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 forum

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5 years ago

Testing out EE's 4G LTE in Central London


EE kindly sent me through a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE last week so we could have a play around with the device on their new 4G LTE network. You may remember that when we initially tried EE's 4G at the press event we were pretty amazed with the download and upload speeds provided -- we consistently got in excess of 40Mbps down and 15Mbps up.

Last week's real life tests weren't quite so impressive -- our results beat 3G hands-down, but it wasn't quite as impressive as the pre-launch speed tests had indicated. A typical test would see between 10 and 20Mbps down and up to 10Mbps up. That said, things were pretty consistent over the two days I spent in London, and speeds that were on offer were more than capable of streaming music and HD video. A friend in London doing the same tests reported that his results were pretty much on par with ours, although in one instance he managed 40Mbps down. That seemed to be a one off, though, and he also reported that the phone not only lost 4G at one point, but it also lost 3G and ended up using 2G for a short time. So clearly a few teethig issues remain with the new network.

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5 years ago

AT&T launching new 4G LTE markets


AT&T continues its 4G LTE rollout today with a few new markets. Customers in Daytona Beach, Florida; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and York, Pennsylvania should start seeing 4G LTE go live in the coming week for their capable devices.

As we continue to see, weeks where Verizon rolls out several new markets, AT&T rolls out just a few. AT&T isn't far behind though (going quicker than Sprint), projecting that it will cover a vast amount of America in the coming months. In the end, everyone wins when we have multiple companies pushing out LTE at a quick rate here in the states.

Source: AT&T Newsroom

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5 years ago

Galaxy S3 Mini on sale from Daily Steals for $349.99


Curious to see what $349 can get you outside of the Play Store? If you head to the deals site Daily Steals in the next day, you'll get a chance to buy the Galaxy S3 Mini for just a penny under $350. This one is the 16GB model with just HSPA+ -- no LTE here -- and is unlocked with the proper frequencies for AT&T. So if that all fits the bill for you, hit the source link below.

Source: Daily Steals

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5 years ago

Nexus 4 ordering process, Droid DNA Q&A [From the Forums]


While you get yourself caught up on the blog posts from today, don't forget that in the Android Central Forums there is plenty to talk about as well. Have some questions? Need some help or just looking to chat Android? You know where to go, check out some of the threads below to get started.

We've got nearly 1 million members helping members and nearly 2 million posts in our Android Forums. Are you one of them? Join today!

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5 years ago

SuperSU app updated with preliminary multi-user support [root app]


If you've rooted your Android phone or tablet, no doubt you've used SuperSU. It's a great app used to control the permissions of other apps, and a must-have if you want to walk the dark side.

The advent of multi-user support for Android tablets breaks a lot of things, including the way root permissions is granted when more than one user is on the same device. Tonight's update of SuperSU is the first step to fixing that. Chainfire, the developer, says it's not nearly complete but it's a start. This update allows the primary owner to control root access, and block access for secondary users. It a nice safe way to proceed until everything gets sorted.

If you're using SuperSU, hit the Google Play link above to update.

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5 years ago

Google+ now implementing Play Store direct download links for apps


It's just been brought to our attention that Google+ has rolled out a new feature that integrates Google Play links directly into stream posts. Now when you link to an app in the Play Store, other users viewing the post can directly install it on their devices without having to be redirected to the Play Store listing first.

This is a pretty sweet feature considering how expansive the Android Google+ community is. Anything that helps users share apps between each other is good for everyone. Not to mention that this shows off the great potential and versatility that Google is trying to implement with all of its products and services.

 Thanks, @DSaifAndroid!

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5 years ago

Here's what you may have missed today on Android Central: Nov 13th


It was another doozy of Nexus news today. Some ordered, some tried, some gave up early. When the dust cleared, fewer people had order confirmations than we'd like to see. While all of that was going down, a whole bunch of interesting news happened that you may have missed:

Now get yourself caught up on all the Android news out there!

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5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Axiom looks to be a Galaxy S3 Mini headed for US Cellular


Looks like nothing stays secret for long, especially not with the fine folks over at @evleaks ever on the prowl. The latest device to appear from the usually reliable tipsters is this, known as the Samsung Galaxy Axiom. Odd name, but essentially appears to be a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini variant headed for US Cellular. 

Specs wise, we're looking at 4 inch WVGA LCD display, a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8960 processor, 1GB of RAM with 4GB of internal storage, LTE, a 5MP rear camera and a 1.3MP front facing camera. We're also told that the Galaxy Axiom runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but looking at the press shot we're also seeing Samsung's latest Nature UX on there. 

Nothing earth shattering here, but still a good phone for a carrier like US Cellular to get their hands on. 

No word on pricing or availability at this stage, but if the @evleaks past record is anything to go on, it shouldn't be before too long that we're seeing this announced officially. 

Source: @evleaks

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5 years ago

Weekly photo contest: Rocking out


This week for the photo contest, Sonos has kicked in and we're offering a heck of a prize package. One winner will get  "The Ultimate Gift of Music", consisting of a Sonos Play:3 and a Sonos Bridge. Combined with the Sonos Controller for Android app it's a killer way to play your own music, or stream from services like Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody and more, as well as over 100,000 free Internet radio station, shows, and podcasts.

Using a Sonos system is super-simple, and the Android app makes things a breeze to set up and operate. Getting a system of your own would be an awesome treat. That's where this week's photo contest comes in.

Hit the forum thread for the contest, and upload a picture showing how you enjoy your music. Headbanging, some cerebral, break dancing -- however it works for you. We'll look through them next week and pick a winner who can then jam to his or her music with a new Sonos system! Read the rules in the contest thread, and good luck.

Before we go, let's all congratulate the winner of last week's photo caption contest, crackmonke. Keep an eye on your inbox for information about getting your prize!

Enter this week's photo contest

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