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1 year ago

JBL Charge 3 and Clip 2 prove there's still innovation in Bluetooth speakers

JBL Charge 3 and Clip 2 speakers

You can find Bluetooth speakers anywhere — but JBL's latest stand out.

No matter your needs, there's a Bluetooth speaker out there to match — and you don't have to look hard to find one, either. For most people, their only real need is "the cheapest price possible" — but many will pay a bit for better features, quality and sound. And that's where JBL comes in, with the latest iterations of two of its Bluetooth speakers — the Charge 3 and Clip 2.

JBL isn't in the race to the bottom. It's hoping to stay on the higher end with high quality materials and of course sound, with some great features that can help turn a Bluetooth speaker experience from an "every once and a while" thing to an every-day useful accessory. Let's take a look at the JBL Charge 3 and Clip 2 speakers.

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1 year ago

Amazon Echo can now offer you comedy from The Daily Show


Thanks to its latest round of updates, the Amazon Echo connected speaker can now offer the unique political humor and current events topics from Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

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1 year ago

Community Review: SCOTTeVEST Knowmatic Hoodie


A valiant attempt at solving a problem we didn't even know we needed solved.

Editor's Note: Welcome to our first ever Community Review! This is a full product review created by a member of the Android Central community, and it's the start of a new program here. We're going to be slowly opening this program up to community members and companies interested in participating. Please reach out to our Community Manager if you have any questions or would like to join the program!

SCOTTeVEST is a company the seeks to bring fashion and technology together in a unique way. Most company's these days are trying to find new and different ways to integrate technology directly into the clothing, but SCOTTeVEST's philosophy is simple: Just bring the tech with you! Their vision is for a wide variety of fashion sensible jackets, vests, hoodies, and even lab coats, that will comfortably allow you to bring all, and yes I mean all of the things with you.

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1 year ago

LG's 4K-enabled Action CAM LTE is now available in South Korea


After announcing the Action CAM LTE earlier this year, LG has commenced sales of the accessory in its home market. The camera has built-in LTE connectivity, letting you stream live video to YouTube without the need to pair with a smartphone.

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1 year ago

Charging your Nexus on the go with the Monoprice 10,000 mAh USB-C battery


Nexus fans deserve a battery pack made just for them, too.

External battery packs that support Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 standards are quite easy to find, but when you're looking for one that can do 5V/3A output for the latest Nexus phones' "Rapid Charging" your options are ... limited. Monoprice is well known for its accessories of all kinds, and amongst its stable of Select Series external batteries it offers a USB-C version perfectly targeted at the Nexus 6P and 5X users out there.

It's a very standard 10,000 mAh battery pack that will give you all the capacity you need, but it has the added bonus of being charged by a USB-C port that also pulls double duty as an output at Nexus Rapid Charging speeds. How does it work in the real world? I've been using it for a couple of weeks, and here's what I've found.

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1 year ago

These Bluetooth headphones are a good value buy at just $15 on Amazon


Mpow is currently offering its newest Bluetooth sports headphones for just $15 at Amazon with coupon code 7RUSKHM2. Designed to be lightweight and long-lasting, these new headphones are great for your sporting adventures and more. They have 8 hours of battery per charge and offer noise cancellation to keep the outside sounds out and help you focus.

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1 year ago

What I'm using: LD West smartphone holster


My phones don't fit in my pockets.

I'm not talking about an Galaxy S7 Edge or a Nexus 6P, either. My HTC 10 does not fit comfortably in my front pockets. My Nexus 5X does not fit comfortably in my front pockets. And when I go look for other jeans, short of baggy cargo pants or a few jumpsuits, they don't fit well in those pockets either. And that's a problem, because I, like so many of us, spend just about every waking moment with my phone on me. I might not be using it every moment, but I need it on me as I walk around my apartment or around my TV station.

And now, doing that is about five times easier thanks to a gadget I never would've considered a year ago: the LD West smartphone and wallet holster.

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1 year ago

I made a pizza and charged my phone with a camp stove because the future is amazing


This is hands-down my new favorite camping accessory.

My family is full of people who enjoy camping. Sometimes that means hiking the Appalachian Trail for a few days with no tech at all, and sometimes that means renting a few campsites together with a cooler full of tasty drinks and a fire that regularly encourages Park Rangers to come check on us. When I go hiking, the BioLite Camp Stove is usually in my pack. It's great for making a small fire and I like knowing I can charge a phone in an emergency. At a campground you already have grill tops and fire pits, so for me there's never been a need to bring something else for cooking before.

I stand before you a changed camper. This weekend I cooked the perfect pizza while charging my phone on the larger BioLite BaseCamp stove, and I'm unlikely to go family camping without this stove ever again.

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1 year ago

Prime Day can save you 30% on a variety of phone cases right now!


Looking for a new case to keep your phone protected but don't want to spend a ton of money? Well, Amazon is currently offering 30% off various cases as part of its Prime Day deals, so you'll want to check these out. Whether you have a Galaxy S7, LG V10 or Nexus 6P there are several options to choose from.

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1 year ago

The best Pokémon accessories to complete your experience


Tired of heading out to capture all the Pokémon in regular clothes? Wish you could look a bit more like Ash Ketchum? Well, fear not. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can have a variety of new accessories and more to complete your experience.

Whether you want the hat, pins, or some movies to have around the house for a rainy day, these are some of the best you can order now.

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1 year ago

Sphero BB-8 is $28 less for Prime members today!


Have you been eyeing Sphero's BB-8 but waiting for it to drop in price? Well, Amazon Prime members can pick it up today for just $97, which is a $28 discount on it. If you don't already have a Prime membership, you can sign up right now for a free 30-day trial to get in on the discounts. The BB8 is controlled by an app on your phone, and it has authentic movement just like what you see from the character in the movie.

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1 year ago

Grab SanDisk's 200GB microSD card for $59


As part of Amazon's Prime Day, SanDisk is offering heavy discounts on SSDs, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 flash drives, and microSD cards. You can pick up a 200GB microSD card for $59.99, and a 960GB Ultra II SSD for just $165.

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1 year ago

How to get the Huawei Watch stainless steel mesh band look for less

How to get the Huawei stainless steel mesh band look for less

Is there a cheaper version of the Huawei mesh band?

The stainless steel mesh band for the Huawei Watch is a beauty. It's modern and classic at the same time, looks great with every outfit, and it's popular. But with a starting price of $129, it's not exactly nice to your wallet. We have some options that will still look great for way less.

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1 year ago

Best accessories for ASUS ZenWatch 2

Best accessories for ZenWatch 2

Which accessories are best for ZenWatch 2?

Whether you're looking for different watch bands to wear with your ASUS ZenWatch 2, or you want a screen protector for that sweet AMOLED display, these are the accessories we recommend for you.

Barton Quick Release Watch Bands

Barton Watch Bands

Barton Quick Release Watch Bands are well-liked by customers for their comfort, how easy they are to put on and take off, and their versatility.

Since these watch bands fit any watch that takes either an 18mm or a 22mm watch band, you will have no trouble getting them to fit your ASUS ZenWatch 2. They come in a number of different colors, too, so you can find the perfect one to match your wardrobe.

Made of silicone rubber with a textured interior, they are comfortable to wear all day and are waterproof and washable, so that you can clean them after a long day to get rid of accumulated sweat (and the stink).

If you're looking for a colorful replacement watch band for your ZenWatch 2 that's comfortable to wear, look no further than Barton Watch Bands.

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Caddy Bay Collection Watch Band Display Case

Caddy Bay Collection Display Case

If you love wearing a different watch band with your ZenWatch 2 every day, you'll need a case to store all of your watch bands when you're not using them.

The Caddy Bay Collection Watch Band Display Case is an attractive case made with a dark walnut wood finish and a soft interior that holds 12 watch bands in two layers of six.

Customers love how well this case protects the watch bands from scratches, and how easy the first layer is to take in and out. Likewise, they praise the fact that the case comes with a notch in the center of the lip that makes it easy to open and close

If you're looking for an attractive display case to store your additional ZenWatch 2 watch bands, this may be the one for you.

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Armorsuit Military Shield screen protector

Armorsuit Military Shield screen protector

The Armorsuit Military Shield 2 pack screen protector is great for protecting that nice AMOLED display from scratches.

Made of a self-healing material that's similar to what is used in military aircraft, this screen protector is very thin and clear — it protects without marring the aesthetics of your watch or interfering with the function of its touchscreen.

Customers praise Armorsuit for making a screen protector that's easy to install and that works well. One customer said that they couldn't even tell they had a screen protector on their ZenWatch 2 at all.

If you wear your ZenWatch 2 every day, you'll need a screen protector, and this one is a good choice for you.

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Artifex Charging Dock Stand for ZenWatch 2

Artifex Charging Stand

The Artifex Charging Dock Stand for ZenWatch 2 makes charging your watch a simple affair while doubling as an attractive and sleek display stand. Customer reviews are positive for both function and form.

Made in the United States of America fresh off a 3D printer, this stand has rubber feet so that it stays where you put it and a magnetic top that keeps your ZenWatch 2 securely on the charging elements. The top is also Microsuede for preventing scratches.

If you're looking for a charging stand for your ZenWatch 2 that's attractive and works well, give the Artifex Charging Dock Stand a try.

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GGI Spring Bar Tool Set

GGI Spring Bar Tool Set

Although the ZenWatch 2 comes with quick release watch bands, if you want to use third-party bands that aren't quick release, the GGI Spring Bar Tool Set can make the process easy and painless. Even with quick release watch bands, this tool can still make the process easier.

Made with nickel-plated brass, this tool has two ends: one has a large fork while the other has a small fork on one side and a push-pin on the other side. The small fork is good for bracelets while the larger one is good for spring bars.

If you're looking for an inexpensive tool to help you quickly put on and remove the watch bands from your ZenWatch 2, this one could work well for you.

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What do you think?

We've told you our picks for great ZenWatch 2 accessories, but what about you? Tell us all about what you're using with your awesome ASUS smartwatch in the comments below.

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1 year ago

Wrap yourself in Android's tasty treats with this shirt from Virginia Poltrack!


Please don't lick my shirt. It's new.

When she's not making incredible watch faces for all of us to enjoy or contributing artwork to groups like IDEAA and Women Techmakers, Virginia Poltrack is taking her delightful designs from pen and paper to cotton and polyester. Her latest design needs no explanation, really. Just take a look.

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