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1 year ago

Best cheap cases for Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge clear case

Protecting your phone doesn't have to mean you break the bank

Purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge may have you already looking at your bank account with tears in your eyes. If that's the case the most important protection for your phone may be the cheapest.

We live in a world where cases can get expensive pretty quick — especially when they've got the word "Galaxy" involved. But you might be surprised what you can find for just $10, and we've rounded up some of the best for you here.


EasyAcc's clear case is nothing special to look at. It's made out of TPU, which has plenty of give but retains its shape. If you are partial to that super grippy feel of rubber this would the case for you.

This case is transparent, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your phone in its natural state. The edges around the front of the phone are slightly raised to help prevent damage to the screen when it's laying down on a flat surface.

TPU will absorb light super easily which can cause color discoloration, this is know as "yellowing." The color of this case will likely morph more and more yellow over time, especially if it's in the sun a lot.

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ArtMine window view wallet case

This case is pretty much the cheapest option out there, coming in at typically under $2.

It's a wallet case which means it has one card slot so you can always have your bank card or some cash at the ready, and the front cover flips over the screen of the phone to offer some additional protection. However, It has a big square hole in the front so it's definitely not the most protective case, but it is a good way to always be able to see the time.

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Spigen Exact-Fit

This simple, hard polycarbonate shell easily fits around the Galaxy S7 edge and will protect the phone from minor scratches to to back and sides. A little bit of a lip above the screen will protect the phone when it's laying down flat.

The edges of the Galaxy S7 edge are a little more exposed than you may like, especially at the bottom of the phone around the headphone jack and charging port. So it probably wouldn't be wise to use this case if you bump your phone against a lot of things.

All-in-all Spigen's Exact-Fit case is a basic case that will offer you a small amount of protection.

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Abacus wallet case

Yet another wallet case in our roundup of cheap cases, but this one packs a little more of a punch in terms of features.

Card slots on the front, inside of the flip cover offer you the ability to carry your important bank cards or cash around with ease and it even have a clear card slot that is perfect for your photo ID. It's made out of synthetic leather but, it does give the phone a nice unified look, so if you like that simple style this case has that in spades.

You can also use the case as a kickstand, so you can watch all those funny YouTube videos of people jumping into pools of jello, or you know, whatever the kids watch these days.

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CoverON Atomic series

CoverON's Atomic series is a rugged, heavy duty case that is typically around $10. So if you are looking for something that can take a little bit of a beating and won't put you in the red, this could be the case for you.

The textured back on this silicone and polycarbonate case feels great in your hand and gives the phone a lot of grip. All the buttons and ports are easily accessible and all the edge features you get with the Galaxy S7 edge work as normal.

This rugged case also has a kickstand built-in to the case which is great for hands free operation; however, it is a little flimsy so if you aren't careful with it, it may fall off.

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Money not an issue?

If you haven't found that perfect case in this line up and money isn't really an issue for you checkout the best cases we found for the Galaxy S7 edge.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

Unlocked AT&T Sprint T-Mobile Verizon

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1 year ago

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand review


Samsung's Qi chargers haven't had the best designs, but this one gets it right.

Last year's Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5 brought along with them new faster wireless charging tech, but that also required a charging pad that was able to output enough power to make it all happen. Samsung's only fast wireless charging pad was a pretty solid improvement over the previous standard-speed model, but we weren't surprised when Samsung rolled out a new model with the launch of the Galaxy S7.

This new "stand" style fast wireless charger has a new look, and definitely takes up a little more room, but has a few advantages over what was previously your only fast wireless charging choice. Here's a look at Samsung's Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand.

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1 year ago

Android Central Mother's Day gift guide 2017


Mom is the best. She's also in need of some great gear, including the latest tech gadgets that will make her life easier. Do the right thing this year and get mom the ultimate in perfect gifts.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Mom needs a new phone, and she needs the best. The Galaxy S8 is the best phone you can buy right now, both because it's beautiful, fast, and has one of the best cameras on the market. Samsung did a lot to improve its flagship phone this year, including outfitting it with a huge Infinity Display and adding ultra-fast iris scanning abilities. The future is here.

from $750 Buy Now

OnePlus 3T

If you need to cheap out a little on a new phone, don't cheat mom out of the best value. The OnePlus 3T gives you almost everything you expect in a flagship phone, but does it at a dramatically lower price. And the new Midnight Black version is sleek and sophisticated, and will fit perfectly into mom's life.

$439 Buy Now

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film camera

No one ever prints photos anymore, but Fujifilm's Instax Mini 8 makes it easy and, best of all, fun. The camera is easy and fun to use, and prints directly to Instax-branded film in the perfect size for a wallet or a fridge door!

from $55 Buy Now

Google Home

For a Google/Android fan, Google Home is a no-brainer. It's got all the makings of Alexa, in the proper ecosystem, with the full force of Google behind it. It plays music, answer questions, and makes restaurant reservations. OK Google, do you think mom will love it?

$120 Buy Now

UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker

OMG, this speaker! It's. So. Cute. Ultimate Ears' Wonderboom takes everything we love from UE's more expensive Boom and Megaboom speakers and shrinks it down into a little floating cube that stays waterproof while sounding great. Mom will love this, trust us.

$99 Buy Now

Sonos Play:1

Sonos is the ultimate music gift. If your mom loves music, the Sonos Play:1 is the gift to get. Pair a couple of them for whole-room sound, or a bunch of them to get the entire house jumping.

$199 Buy Now

Chromecast Ultra

If using with a TV that has a 4K display or can playback HDR content and want to stream media at UHD, the Chromecast Ultra is for you. It's super easy to set up, and at $70 it's the perfect gift that won't break the bank. It may break that binge-watching streak, though.

$70 Buy Now

Acer Chromebook 14

Simple is best, and if mom just wants to use her laptop get stuff done, Acer's Chromebook 14 is the the perfect Mother's Day gift. It's light and well-made, with a great screen and an awesome keyboard. Better yet, it has all the ports she'll need to plug in her peripherals, plus it runs Chrome OS, which is basically a more powerful version of the browser she's already using.

$265 Buy Now

Ring Pro Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

An essential piece of the connected home, the Pro version of Ring's connected doorbell, which alerts you when someone is by the front door and allows you to see and chat with the person on the other side, is absolutely incredible. A great app, inexpensive cloud subscription, and excellent video and audio quality, Mom will love that Ring monitors what's happening at the front of the house, and it pairs well with Ring's Stick Up Cam to keep track of everywhere else.

$249 Buy Now

Amazon Echo Dot

A smaller Echo, the Dot is easy to set up around the house — and because they're significantly cheaper, you can get a few and pepper them around the house. A great gift, in packs of one, or six! Mom will love the convenience!

$49 Buy Now

Philips Hue Starter Kit

Philips is the leader in connected light bulbs for a good reason: everything just works. The Android app is great, and lets you control the lights from anywhere, and the Starter Kit is affordable enough to be a great gift. Mom may scoff at the need for expensive connected bulbs — until she uses her phone, or Alexa, or Google Home, to shut them off with her voice. Best gift ever.

$179 Buy Now

Bose QC35 wireless headphones

Bose is the name in noise-cancelling wireless headphones, and for good reason: the QC35s have become the standard for long-term wear comfort, style and sound quality. If mom just can't wait to turn on the white noise — or the hardcore metal — on the plane, these are the headphones to get.

$350 Buy Now

SodaStream Source

There is nothing better than bubbly water — seltzer if you're fancy — to start or end a day with your loved one. SodaStream Source is the best, and cheapest, way to a bubbly water future, and it doesn't even need to be plugged in. You can add juice and cola flavors if you want, but even by itself, the Source is worth it.

$99 Buy Now

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress makes a great cuppa, because it is simple: grind the beans, pour it in the cavity and press. Easy to pick up but difficult to master, Aeropress emulates espresso for a fraction of the price. If your loved one is tired of the pods, an Aeropress is an essential purchase.

$30 Buy Now

Samsung Gear VR

Mom may not feel totally comfortable in VR... until you show her all the awesome things you can do with the new Gear VR paired with a Galaxy S8. It's an amazing experience being able to travel the world or play games or watch movies, and there is more 360-degree content being added every day.

$129 Buy Now

LG Watch Style

No one needs a smartwatch, but the LG Watch Style is the best of the bunch. Running the latest version of Android Wear, it pairs perfectly with mom's new Galaxy S8, and rocks one of the slimmest designs on the market. A beautiful round aluminum chassis and a crown that helps you scroll and select, the LG Watch Style is the best smartwatch you can buy... mom.

$180 Buy Now

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit's latest smartwatch-cum-fitness tracker is a stylish accessory that will never leave mom's wrist. This year's model adds heart rate monitoring and seven-day battery life to the already-amazing list of features, and at $149 it's worth every penny.

$150 Buy Now

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1 year ago

Best third-party wristbands for the LG Watch Urbane

Best third party wristbands for the LG Watch Urbane

You've already got sleek and sexy covered with your LG Watch Urbane. Now, accessorize.

We've reached a point where we can accessorize our accessories. The LG Watch Urbane is where fashion meets functionality in a big way, so why not continue to amp up the fashion with different bands?

You don't have to stick to just LG's bands. If you want to truly personalize your Watch Urbane, then you need to look at some third party options.

We've assembled a quick roundup of the best third party LG Watch Urbane straps out there. Strap in!



The days of annoying pins and cumbersome tiny tools are over! Google has released its MODE bands (currently only manufactured by Hadley Roma BND) and they might just be the most interchangeable watch bands of all time. At least for Android Wear. There's a neat video on the MODE site that shows you exactly how these bands connect to your LG Watch Urbane, and we have to say, it's pretty sweet.

Basically, all you do it remove the original pin that presently in your Urbane, then you add the MODE pin, slide your MODE band over the pin, and lock it shut, kind of like a carabiner. That's it.

So, once you have 10 different bands (when cheaper ones become available; Hadley Roma's models start around $50), you'll be able to make a change on the fly with ease. Just remember that when you go to order yours you need the 22 millimeter band.

See at Google

GadgetWraps silicone wristband


Let's get things started with the most versatile of the wristbands we'll discuss: the GadgetWraps silicone wristband. These bands are great for those who put comfort and durability above all else, but still want to maintain the dapper design of the LG Watch Urbane.

GadgetWraps are available in eight colors to match your style and with a price tag starting around $20, they won't break the bank.

There's also beauty in the GadgetWraps installation process, since they feature quick-release pins, which means no tools necessary.

Some of the bright colors might not really match the sophistication of the LG Watch Urbane, but, like I said, they're there to match your style.

See at Amazon

Ritche mesh stainless steel wristband


The problem with many "cheap" mesh wristbands is that they can be incredibly inflexible to the point of not even forming to the contour of your wrist. You just end up with a weird square around your wrist.

No problem with the Ritche mesh band, which is super flexible and surprisingly comfortable. You do need a watch band too, but that's provided and it means a little more security when you do attach it to the watch unit itself.

You'd probably want to pair this with the silver Urbane, though it may add some funky flair to the gold watch, again, depending on your style.

See at Amazon

Barton Quick Release


Add a big splash of color to your LG Watch Urbane, with Barton's line of quick-release watch bands. They're made of soft silicone, so they're comfortable and won't tarnish the way leather or metal bands will.

You can choose from nine colors, ranging from a very punchy bright orange to a more muted charcoal. Starting around $15, you can grab a few and switch them out daily, thanks to the quick-release – no need for annoying tools and tedious installation!

Barton also claims that their bands will fit 95 percent of wearers and that, if you happen to be in the 5 percent their bands does not fit, they'll gladly refund your purchase.

See at Amazon

Yesoo stainless steel wristband


Getting back to a more traditional steel band, Yesoo offers a flashy band with a quick-release butterfly buckle, making this easy to put on and take off, with none of the painful pinching that can come with some other types of buckles.

The Yesoo band comes with the necessary installation tools and shouldn't present too much of a hassle in that department, since it's just like any other metal wristband. You can remove links if it's initially too big and you're on your way to shiny urbanity.

See at Amazon

RaySun genuine leather brown wristband


Let's look at some brown leather, the way leather was meant to be (or so I've heard). This offer from RaySun is has an anti-slip texture and it's waterproof, so it won't dry and crack like leather generally does.

With the many buckle holes, this strap is designed to fit even the slimmest wrists, which makes it an ideal option for slighter folks. Like all the other bands we've discussed that are traditionally installed, RaySun provides all the necessary tools to get this breathable band on your LG Watch Urbane and out where everyone can ogle it.

See at Amazon

The Urbane Professional

Do you have a watch strap that you absolutely love that's not on our list? Make sure to leave a comment and tell us which band you have and why you think your strap is the best one ever made!

See LG Watch Urbane at Amazon

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1 year ago

AKG N60NC noise-canceling headphones review: Flip a switch and shut out the world

AKG N60NC noise-canceling headphones

AKG keeps these headphones compact, while also bringing all of the features you want at a solid price.

If you travel, work in a busy office or just have trouble concentrating on tasks at home, chances are you've looked into noise-canceling headphones. The basic technology behind noise cancellation is pretty much commoditized at this point, but companies add their own flavor to it, with varying levels of effectiveness. Beyond that, these of course work as standard headphones, too, giving companies more ways to differentiate.

AKG is a well-known name in audio, but definitely doesn't have the general brand awareness that a company like Bose does when it comes to noise-canceling headphones (just walk through any airport and you'll see). AKG's new N60NC on-ear noise-canceling headphones are out to take a slice of the market, bringing a few neat features to differentiate from other options — and to make you feel a bit better about dropping big money on a set of on-ear headphones.

AKG sent us a set to check out. Here's how we've been enjoying them over the past few weeks.

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1 year ago

Amazon's Alexa devices can tell you what happened on your favorite Syfy TV show


Syfy is the first cable TV network to add support for Amazon's family of devices that use the Alexa digital assistant such as the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers and the Fire TV boxes.

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1 year ago

Samsung Gear 360 launches in Korea alongside Galaxy J series


Samsung has launched the Gear 360 in South Korea for 399,300 Korean Won, or the equivalent of $350. The 360-degree camera is now available for purchase online in the country, and will be heading to over 450 stores starting from May. At launch, the Gear 360 is compatible with the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy S6.

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1 year ago

Amazon's first third-party Alexa partner adds style to your kitchen


The first accessory that makes use of Amazon's Alexa platform is now available. The Triby is a small portable speaker that has access to Alexa's voice services, can make VoIP phone calls and is even magnetic so it can stick to your fridge when you don't want to hold it. Additionally, the speaker can get the news, set alarms, play your favorite Spotify playlist, and even draw and share doodles and texts from your phone to its always-on display.

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1 year ago

Amazon Fire TV Stick is available for $34.99 for one day only


Amazon Fire TV Stick is on sale for $34.99 for one day only, down $5 from its usual retail price of $39.99. The bundled version with the voice remote is also discounted to $44.99.

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1 year ago

Samsung will begin Gear 360 sales online in select countries on April 29


On stage during its annual developer conference, Samsung announced that sales of the Gear 360 will begin on April 29. The sales will be online-only to start, and only in select countries, with more available in the coming months.

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1 year ago

Spigen is offering a variety of its HTC 10 cases for just $3 at Amazon with coupon


Update: Well that was fast! The coupons have exceeded their limits and are no longer valid. Stay tuned for more in the future!

Spigen is offering a variety of its HTC 10 cases for just $2.99 at Amazon when using a coupon code. Since the HTC 10 is not even officially available yet, now is a perfect time to buy a case so that you have it when your phone arrives. Whether you are looking for something clear, thin or with lots of protection, there is an option for just about everyone here.

To make it even sweeter, Spigen is offering free shipping on these orders, even if you don't have Amazon Prime. When making your purchase, you will want to make sure that you are selecting Spigen as the seller, not Spigen fulfilled through Amazon in order to get the savings here.

These coupons won't last long, so be sure to get your order in before it is too late! Which case did you pick up? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

The LG G5 spare battery coffin is a brilliant little charger

LG G5 spare battery charger

This is what you can get for free in the U.S. if you get an LG G5 by April 30.

One of the more important features of the LG G5 is the battery. Specifically that it's removable. And because you can swap in a spare battery whenever you feel like it, it makes sense to have an extra on on hand. To that end, LG is giving a good many folks who ordered early a free spare G5 battery, complete with charging cradle coffin — and a sweet little adapter to boot.

As you might well have guessed, this isn't just a charging cradle.

Let's take a quick look.

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1 year ago

Grab Coocheer's Bluetooth speaker with built-in NFC for just $9 at Amazon with coupon


Right now you can pick up this Coocheer Bluetooth speaker for just $9 at Amazon with coupon code TUFIEZWH, a savings of $11. In addition to being Bluetooth, the speaker also has built-in NFC for quick and easy pairing to any phone that is compatible. The premium sound with bass enhance technology will give you a great quality of audio output for keeping the party going.

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1 year ago

HTC and Under Armour bringing UA HealthBox to Canada in May


HTC and Under Armour are bringing the UA HealthBox kit to Canada this May.

Available May 23 for $549.99 CAD, the UA HealthBox features three HTC-designed, Under Armour-operated health products: the UA Band, which tracks steps, heart rate, sleep, and calories; the UA Scale, which tracks weight goals; and the Heart Rate, a chest strap that accurately tracks heart rate during runs. All of the data is tracked by the UA Record app, available for Android and iOS.

The bundle also comes with one year of membership to Under Armour's MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness health social networks.

Earlier this year, our Andrew Martonik had many positive things to say about the bundle in his review:

Each of the products in the HealthBox is executed extremely well. The UA Band is light, comfortable and tracks your activities as well as any simple wearable can. The UA Scale is beautiful, and offers effortless tracking of your (and your family's) weight and body fat percentage. The UA Heart Rate might be a tough sell at first, but once you get over the awkwardness of it it'll become second nature. And of course you can't forget the UA Record app, for without it none of these products would be worth your time — tying everything together into a central place completely makes the experience of the HealthBox.

HTC and Under Armour do plan to sell the products separately. Both the UA Band and Scale will run $229.99 CAD, while the Heart Rate will go for $99.99. Pre-orders go live today.

See UA HealthBox at Under Armour

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1 year ago

Pick up a pair of Mpow's newest Bluetooth headphones for just $15 at Amazon with coupon


Update: Mpow has offered another coupon code (DM5PUY7O) which will now work to drop the price down to $15.

Mpow is currently offering its newest Bluetooth sports headphones for just $15 at Amazon with coupon code DM5PUY7O. Designed to be lightweight and long-lasting, these new headphones are great for your sporting adventures and more. They have 8 hours of battery per charge and offer noise cancellation to keep the outside sounds out and help you focus.

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