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Keep your Huawei Mate 9 protected with this great case for just $5


Update: The codes are now expired, stay tuned for the next deal!

Looking to pick up a Mate 9 and want to keep it protected while showing it off? If so, you'll want to check out Ringke's Fusion series case, which offers a thin clear layer of protection for just $5 right now. You'll be able to pick from a couple of different variants of the case which add a bit of color to the border, but the back on all of them is clear. The case will prevent your phone from getting scratches and dings, as well as protect the edges during a minor fall.

This time around the coupon codes should work for items both fulfilled by Amazon and the seller, but if you are having issues with the codes try picking the option with fulfillment from the seller.

If you are looking to purchase a Mate 9 and want something basic to keep it protected, this is the case for you. Which color option will you end up with? Let us know in the comments!

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#DOUBLETAKE: Here were some of the CRAZIEST things at CES 2017!


What were some of the most insane things that were at #CES2017?!

Okay, first off: CES is a gigantic wonderland of anything and everything techie and weird. That means that no matter which corridor you decide to hoverboard down, there's a chance you'll find something that could make you do a serious double-take.

While wandering around the massive halls of the Sands Expo and the Las Vegas Convention Centre, there were quite a number of things both big and small that had me wondering, "Huh. Hey. What the heck is that?" So as we explored, we kept track of the oddballs!

Here are a couple of bizarre gadgets that stuck out this year at CES!

The Force Trainer 2

For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. – Yoda

If you've seen Star Wars, then you've probably attempted to use The Force on something at least once in your life. Maybe you've practiced with automatic sliding doors or a perfectly-timed green light, but we all know that's luck (or someone just, like, walking passed a censor at the right time).

But what if we told you that you could actually use your mind just like Jedi? What if we told you that there was brain-sensing EEG technology that's been regularly used in military and medical devices that can allow you to take down enemy droids with just your mind?

Meet the Star Wars Force Trainer 2; an incredibly crazy/cool device that seamlessly mixes science and sci-fi to let you train to be a Jedi Master! All you have to do is focus, and make it so (THIS IS A JOKE. I KNOW THIS IS A QUOTE FROM STAR TREK AND NOT STAR WARS. PLEASE DON'T EAT ME).

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O'2 Nails

Having your nails done can not only be time-consuming, but it can get a bit, well, booooring.

Sure, you love you esthetician and nail artist, but having the same floral and jeweled designs time and time again can get dull and repetitive, and using a glitter, matte, or metallic polish is alright, but it really isn't that terribly daring.

That's why O'2 Nails is actually kind of a big-deal and a game changer in the aesthetic world: the little portable box pairs with an app that allows users to literally print images directly onto their nails.

The ARTPRO NAIL from O'2 Nails is an inkjet printer FOR YOUR FINGERNAILS! #nailart #ces2017

A video posted by iMore (@imoregram) on Jan 6, 2017 at 3:11pm PST

After applying a few base coats, you're good to pick your high-quality image – it can literally be anything as long as the picture is clear enough– and start paint-printing. Just sit still and in no time, you'll have puppies, kitties, or octopi on your nails!

(Oh, and it's not available online yet, but you can read about when it may be available and how much it'll cost right here).

To quote #BradPit in the movie #Se7en, "WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!" While that's a very good question, it's actually what comes OUT of the box that's super cool and amazing! This is the @o2nails_beauty, a device that allows people to print and truly customize their #manicure without any mess or hassle. The best part? It's portable! #CES2017 #O2Nails #LasVegas #SandsExpo

A photo posted by Android Central (@androidcentral) on Jan 6, 2017 at 3:39pm PST

HandL Butt Case

Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt. It is so big. – Sir Mix A Lot, Baby Got Back

We'll cut to the chase: The HandL Butt Case is exactly what it sounds like, and when I first heard about it, I thought it was super silly…

… until we actually had the opportunity to use and play with it.

Say what you want about the design, but HandL's Butt Case is an incredibly comfortable phone accessory with an (extremely) unique look and feel. While the brand makes plenty of more 'regular' looking cases, the function and design is always the same: a strip of leather that pulls up from with an elastic attachment to the case, so your phone can always stay secure in your hand.

Two words: Butt. Case. 🍑 #CES2017 #SandsExpo #iPhone #iMore #butt #buttcase #Handl @mikahsargent

A video posted by iMore (@imoregram) on Jan 6, 2017 at 7:20pm PST

Think a Stylering , but with more stability and, well, butt style!

Is it a thin case? No, not really, but the Butt case looks identical to a rear-end and is incredibly squishy and comfy, making it a super crazy, but super awesome phone accessory!

TLDR: Baby got back.

See at HandL

Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

Have you ever doodled a cool looking character and thought, 'Hey, he'd make a really awesome dude in a video game?' Well, what if you could physically build and put together any type of creature using something simple like, I dunno, Play-Doh, and have it scanned into digital, playable real-ness?

While never fear, because the Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio is here!

Step one: Build cat-to-pus Step two: Scan cat-to-pus into reality and start playing! Seriously though, how cool is this @playdoh video game?! You can get SO creative and wild! We're obsessed! #CES2017 #ShowStoppers #LasVegas

A video posted by Android Central (@androidcentral) on Jan 5, 2017 at 8:38pm PST

All you have to do it take a little bit of Play-Doh, mush and model it into the ideal lil' creature of your dreams (I made a cat-to-pus!), scan your creation onto your iPad using the special scanning pad, and you're good to start playing levels with your self-made shenanigans.

The coolest part? Your character doesn't move in a standard sort of way – depending on how many legs and appendages your creation has, it will react and play in its own unique way!

See at Hasbro

iGulu Home Beer Brewery

If you're a big beer fan and love having an ice-cold glass of some delicious hops, then take a peek at the 2017 CES award-winning iGulu Home Beer Brewery!

iGulu is an automatic, technologically advanced beer-brewing machine. The machine boasts high-tech control systems and sensors, making brewing beer a smart and excellent process, suitable for beginners as well as for experts.

Now if you're worried about messing up your favorite beverage, don't be, because a smart control chip helps keeps things constantly monitored in real-time.

Users can even share and access a ton of different recipes by simply logging into the iGulu Library.

Happy boozin'!

See at iGulu


You're totally lying, and lying is bad for your skin, so... – Tammy, Bob's Burgers

While lying is probably bad for your skin, we would never lie to you when we say that the Nurugo is the next logical step in smart skincare maintenance. Afterall, it did win a CES 2017 innovation award!

Nurugo is an itty-bitty UV camera that attaches directly to your phone. From there, you just have to hold up the device to your face and start scanning! In a couple of seconds, a full report will appear on your phone screen, letting you know how big your pores are, if youn have dry or oily skin, and so, so much more.

At the moment, all the Nurugo can do is scan your skin and tell you what's up, but in the next couple of months, the system will be able to actually recommend things to do to clear up acne, dryness, or any other skin issue!

The Nurugo Micro is SICKKK! It scans and analyzes your skin, giving you metrics and recommendations for skin health!

A video posted by iMore (@imoregram) on Jan 5, 2017 at 1:30pm PST

See at Nurugo

So what do you think!?

Is there an item on our list that you think is the most out-there and bizarre? Were you at CES yourself, and saw something super cool? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Best Accessories For Huawei Watch


Huawei watch accessories represent!

Whether you want a different watch band to wear with your Huawei Watch or you need to replace your charging cradle, there's an accessory for the Huawei Watch out there for you.

Update January 2017: These are still our top picks of accessories for your Huawei Watch.

Motong tempered glass screen protector

You paid good money for your Huawei Watch. Protect your investment with a tempered glass screen protector.

Motong's tempered glass screen protector melds closely with your watch's screen so that there aren't any gaps where dust can accumulate or that might get damaged.

At 0.3mm, the glass overlay is very thin and is therefore hardly noticeable. Better still, since it is designed with touchscreens in mind, it doesn't interfere at all with the screen's sensitivity.

Although thin, it is quite strong with a hardness level of 9H, just under the hardness rating for diamonds.

See at Amazon

Yesoo magnetic Milanese stainless steel strap for Huawei watch

If you're looking for style and that rich, upper-crust feeling, then look no further than Yesoo's magnetic Milanese watch strap.

Yesoo blends elegance and durability together with this watch band. Made of stainless steel, its beautiful Milanese loop pattern won't look out of place at a black-tie event.

Forget fumbling and struggling with buckles to get your watch strapped on. Yesoo's magnetic clasp clicks into place with little effort and stays closed until you decide to take your watch off.

This watch band is 18mm wide and adjusts to fit wrists that measure 12.5mm to 17.5mm in circumference.

For more watch bands, head on over here.

See at Amazon

Huawei Watch charging cradle

If you've misplaced the charging cradle for your Huawei Watch — or if you just want a spare one for the office or your travel bag — you're in luck because the Google Store sells a replacement.

Made of brushless stainless steel, the cradle is attractive and strong.

See at The Google Store

Swiss Watch International 24-slot watch strap storage case

There are so many different watch bands available for your Huawei Watch — so many in fact, that you need a place to keep all of them

This storage case from Swiss Watch International is perfect for all your watch band storage needs. The exterior is made out of durable synthetic leather while the interior is covered with soft black velvet that's perfect for protecting your watch straps

It holds up to 24 straps that measure up to 22mm wide. Each watch strap slides onto a holder though the loop in the band.

See at Amazon

Mudder 5 piece watchmakers screwdriver set

If you frequently replace your watch band, then you might like to have a watchmaker's screwdriver set. These small tools make removing those tiny watch screws a simple matter.

Mudder's watchmaker tool-set has five pieces:

  • 0.80mm screwdriver
  • 1.00mm screwdriver
  • 1.20mm screwdriver
  • 1.40mm screwdriver
  • 1.60mm screwdriver

Each screwdriver is color-coded so that you can easily find the size you need, and replacement tips are included, too.

See at Amazon

MODE Bands

If you are tired of watch band pins and the tiny tools you need install them MODE bands could be for you! Google has now released their MODE bands and they might just be the easiest watch bands to install ever! If you take a look at the neat video on the MODE site, you can see just how easy these bands can attach to your Huawei Watch.

All you have to do is replace the original pin that is on your Huawei Watch add the MODE pin. The it's just a simple matter of sliding your MODE band over the pin, and locking it shut!

Hadley Roma is currently the only manufacturer making the MODE bands, and they start around $50. Remember, in order for this to work with your Huawei Band you need to get the the 18 mm band so it fits properly.

See at Amazon

Do you use accessories for your Huawei Watch?

Tell us in the comments which accessories you like to use, and which are your favorites!

See Huawei Watch at Amazon

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What we love and hate about CES


The good and bad of everyone's favorite technology-focused dog-and-pony show.

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Our CES badges this year helpfully reminded us of how many years we'd walked the padded paths laid out in the Las Vegas Convention Center. As a six year veteran myself, I feel led to share some of the good and bad elements of the world's largest technology trade show.

The Good

Surprisingly worth-it little gadgets

Trade shows like CES help us discover those niche gadgets we may not have otherwise considered having in our lives. For me, one of those particular gadgets was the Lofelt Basslet, essentially a subwoofer for your wrist. I like the idea of feelin' my beats and the vibrahaptic abilities of the tiny little motor inside the wearable has more potential than the company lets on. I was also keen on the idea of the Withings-powered Kerastase smart hairbrush, though the current implementation is too proprietary, as well as the Tiny 1, an Android-powered astronomy camera discovered by our own Russell Holly.

Charismatic characters

CES is just as much as the cast of characters who show up as it is about the technology. This year included mega-celebrities like Michael Phelps, Nick Offerman, and Octavia Spencer, as well as tech-lebrities like Hugo Barra and John Legere.

So many booths!

I like walking by the various booths to witness how each of the major technology companies attempt to identify themselves to the public. For instance, Intel's booth is typically a blanket of blue, while LG's booth is always strung together by all of its best-looking OLED displays. There is always something fun going on, too, like demonstrations, celebrity appearances, and even engaging talks. But the absolute best part of any booth is the way that companies express themselves through the little details. This "ball of phones" I found at the ZTE booth is a true work of art despite its relative simplicity.


Razer's three-screened laptop. Self-driving cars. Robots powered by Amazon Alexa. There are a plethora of technologies that come to life during the week of CES and this year was no different. Even some of the more subdued product launches and announcements pointed to a bigger shift in various industries, like the way Samsung's Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus both utilize a digitized stylus — who knew a Chromebook could become such a productivity machine? — and the quiet proliferation of Android TV in set-top boxes.

Weird demonstrations

There are so, so very many booths in various places around Las Vegas. I didn't get a chance to roam the show floor in all of its capacity as much as the rest of my colleagues, but I did run into this strange demonstration for the Beam wheeled robot, which "fills in" for you at work when you can't physically be there. In this particular situation, there were actual people on standby at various locales around the country remotely wheeling these things around and freaking out passersby. I stopped a second to check the messages on my phone and one of them rolled up to me. I felt uncomfortable and immediately took off, but I also thought it a clever way to show off the effectiveness of a product.

The Las Vegas sunset

I was walking through the halls like a tired zombie when I caught a glimpse of the Vegas sunset outside the window of the convention center. I took a second to pull over, put my bag down, and admire the sky bursting with reds, oranges, and yellows. I particularly love the way the sun's dimmed rays peer through the strip's skyline. It's the little things in life.

The Bad


Are we really still doing this? Hoverbords are unsafe and they're rude to ride on the sidewalk.

Too many accessories

CES would require fewer hallways and less shuffling around of people if it would simply stop accepting applications for vendors attempting to merely sell things. Much of what is offered on the show floor — including phone cases, charging cords, and Bluetooth speakers in funny shapes — can be easily ordered in a pinch on Amazon, NewEgg, and MonoPrice, or purchased directly from the manufacturers themselves on Aliexpress. I would much rather see more attempts at innovative technology than row after row of copycat accessories.

The gimmicks

There is no CES without a few weird gimmicks and questionable technologies rising up through the ranks. I'm talking about things like Uber helicopter rides and levitating speakers. Those are just the obvious. The real gimmick is when a major type of technology takes off in a rampant manner, where it essentially spreads as quickly as cockroaches can multiply. In this particular instance, I'm thinking exclusively about the Internet of Things, which has managed to find its way into every thing without the consideration of whether it really is entirely necessary. Like, is it really necessary to don a pair of vibrating jeans to help you find your car? Hell no.

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Lofelt Basslet is more than just a subwoofer for your wrist


This vibrahaptic wearable has more potential than simply shaking along to your tunes.

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Honestly, I'm not into the idea of wearing a smartwatch full-time. I've never been a watch person and having something on that big feels almost intrusive. But weirdly, I found myself excited about the Lofelt Basslet, despite the fact that all it does is vibrate on your wrist.

It sounds kooky, I know. Why the hell would anyone want anything as plain and simple as this little wristlet that buzzes along to your music? Well, I hate to offer this kind of explanation, but it's not for everyone — it's for enthusiasts.

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Hands-on: WeMo Dimmer and Google Home make home automation seamless


Google Home + WeMo is a recipe for home automation bliss.

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Belkin's WeMo brand has been in the business a long time, and by now it knows how to make a good product. Dimmer is WeMo's latest must-have connected home accessory, especially since it works seamlessly with the new Google Home.

WeMo Dimmer will be available in the spring for $49.99.

What was your favorite CES 2017 announcement? Let us know in the comments below!

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Keep five of your devices charged up with this Quick Charge 3.0 charging station for just $20!


Aukey is currently offering its five port USB desktop charging station for just $20 with coupon code AUKUSBC5, a savings of $5. Don't get stuck looking for multiple outlets to charge up your gadgets, and instead just use one to get them all charged. This hub has 4 regular USB ports, along with one USB-C port for easy charging on just about anything you have around. Being Quick Charge 3.0 it will charge compatible devices up to four times faster, and it is still completely safe to use on anything that doesn't support QC 3.0.

Remember, you will need to use coupon code AUKUSBC5 for the $5 savings here. If you've got a bunch of devices to charge up, this is definitely the easiest and best way to do it.

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Sony's Koov is a fun way to get your kid into programming


Kids' toys are getting the high-tech treatment at CES this year with the Sony Koov set.

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Curious to see if your kid has knack for programming? You need something like Sony's Koov, a vibrantly colored LEGO-like toy that enables kids to build things and then program them to come to life.

There are seven colors of translucent blocks. Once you've concocted your creation, you can "code" the assembled figure with the aid of a desktop application (programming through an iOS and Android app is in the works). The app uses "if-then-else" logic, which is relatively simple for anyone new to programming to learn.

Koov is part of the Sony Global Education, a major initiative on the company's part to promote STEM education in the mainstream. The blocks are developed by a Japanese company called Artec Co., while Sony provides the software, tech, and marketing.

Unfortunately, Koov is only available in Japan and China for now.

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Best Wireless Charging Pads For Galaxy S7


Don't fumble around with charging cables anymore — get a wireless charging pad instead!

So you just got the Galaxy S7 and now you want to charge it without having to plug it in each time? Samsung has once again opted to include multiple wireless charging standards on their latest phone, so you will have a variety of options available to purchase. Qi and Powermat have some differences, and not everyone will have the same needs in their chargers.

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Fitbit's personal fitness and goal-setting features just got a lot more useful


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At CES 2017, Fitbit has announced a load of new features coming to its app in the next few months that should make using its trackers a much more personal experience.

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These headphones will stay in your ears even when active for just $14


Looking for a new set of headphones but aren't quite ready to make the jump to Bluetooth? If so, TYLY's Tunz headphones may be a perfect set to consider. The headphones are made for active people so they will stay in your ear, and there are three different sized gels to ensure you get the right fit. You can pick from five different colors on the headphones, and right now you can pick up a pair for just $14.

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Grab a speedy charge in the car with this $4 charger!


Update: This popular deal is back with a new coupon code. Use code YFZDDW52 for the savings!

Right now you can pick up Aukey's Quick Charge 2.0 car charger for just $4 at Amazon with coupon code YFZDDW52, a savings of $6. This Quick Charge 2.0 charger will ensure that whether you have a 10 minute or two hour commute you get as much of a charge on your phone as possible so you don't run out of battery during the day. The built-in safeguards will prevent any damage to your phone or tablet while charging it up to 75% faster than a standard charger.

At this price you may want to buy a couple of them to have around or to give as gifts. You'll want to ensure you have one in each car in your household so that everyone can stay powered up while on the go. Remember, you need coupon code YFZDDW52 for the full savings here.

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5 Best Ways To Use Your Amazon Echo


Amazon Echo can make your life easier in innumerable ways.

Millions of people bought an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot for their homes in 2016 — and maybe you were one of them! Thanks to the growing number of skills available for Alexa, Amazon's voice-controlled AI assistant, you can make use of Amazon Echo countless different ways in different rooms in your house.

In fact, thanks to the way you can set up multiple Amazon Echo and Echo Dots throughout a house, you might be inspired to get a Dot or two for more coverage throughout your home. Here's some of our favorite ways to use Alexa to make life easier at home.

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Kingston's latest USB flash drive offers an astounding 2TB storage


A flash drive with more storage than your desktop.

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At CES, Kingston announced the DataTraveler Ultimate GT, a USB flash drive that offers 2TB of storage. The drive features a case made out of zinc-alloy for improved durability, and the storage capacity means you can carry over 70 hours' worth of 4K video in your pocket.

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WeMo's new smart dimmer solves the problem of LED light flickering


Belkin's WeMo is back with a couple more smart home gadgets to make your life easier.

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As it has every year for as long as we can remember, Belkin's WeMo brand is launching a couple of neat new smart home products at CES, set to be released in the next few months.

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