It's intimidating to learn alone. Take this.

Just as there's some adjustment to using any new computer — even one with the same operating system — Chromebooks take a little fresh thinking and a little time to get the hang of for most users. While it may not seem like much of a difference to you, if you're getting ready to give a Chromebook to a friend of family member who isn't a huge fan of changes in their technology, you can expect things to get a little bumpy in those first days and weeks while they're essentially re-learning how to use a computer. And while you may not be able to take every single call from them about how to do this or that, there is someone who is there all the time to help.

It's called the Chromebook Help app, and it's here to — you got it — help.

This icon is the first step to solving many of your Chromebook troubles.

If you or your loved one needs some help figuring out their new machine, just head to the app drawer — the icon with the nine squares where the Windows icon was on their old computer — and they'll see a green icon with a question mark that bluntly reads Get Help. Clicking this icon will open up the Chromebook Help app, which is part user manual, part tutor, and part tech support. You can browse through the manual by topic or you can search for a particular issue using the search bar at the top of the app.

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The "New to Chromebooks" section right at the top offers step by step directions for things like adjusting your keyboards, creating or opening files, attaching flash drives, or moving your stuff over from another computer. There are also more in-depth topics for things like apps, media, and printing, which can be a sticky issue for many new Chromebook users.

The last category in the list is "Fix a problem", which is where you can come to try and troubleshoot your Chromebook before calling for help. There are a few bare-bones categories here to help you troubleshoot issues not covered in their own section — like internet issues in the Getting online section — and then at the bottom of the section — and every other section — is a link to Chromebook Central, the Google-run help forum for Chromebooks. If you have an issue — or even if you're just looking for web app recommendations — the forum is an invaluable tool for helping you adapt to your new machine.

Agents may not always be available for Hangouts, but you can always chat with them online.

When all else fails, you can ask for help from an actual human being, thanks to a few tools. First, there's a beta tool in the bottom left corner of the web app that reads "Questions? Contact us." You can click this and if a Google agent is available for a web chat, you can initiate a Hangouts chat with tech support and they can help talk you through your issue — you can even share your screen with them so that they see exactly what you do.

If no agents are online, check out the Chromebook Help website, which features a Contact Us button in the top right bar that takes you to a 24-7 Live Chat, and during business hours you can request a phone call, if you prefer talking to typing.