The folks here at have looked over our entire selection of cases for the Motorola Droid ULTRA and are highlighting which skins, hard cases and hybrids have been most popular with customers and staff. Jump past the break to take a look which ones made the cut.

Best Hard Cases for Motorola Droid ULTRA

The first favorite is Incipio's Feather SHINE Hard Case which features a single snap-on shell that sports a brushed aluminum finish, giving the case its "shine".

Next up is the Mobi Products Hard Shell; an affordable and simple solution to protecting your Droid ULTRA. It comes as two pieces that snap around the device, providing additional grip with its soft coating.

The last hard case that managed to make an impression is the Incipio Feather Snap-On Case. Similar to the Feather SHINE, this case is made of the same plextonium shell except it has a matte finish instead of the brushed aluminum.

Best Skin Cases for Motorola Droid ULTRA

For starters, we have the Cruzerlite Experience Case, featuring glossed Android icons embedded into the back of each case. The remaining surface area has a soft finish that's really comfortable to grip.

If you're searching for a more elaborate design in your Droid ULTRA skin case, you might fancy the Bugdroid Circuit Case. Featured on the back is Andy the Android surrounded by a series of circuits that reach to every edge of the case.

Both cases offer decent protection against drops and scratches. More importantly, you can grab both for 50% off their list price! There are 11 different colors to choose from, so take your pick.

Best Hybrid Cases for Motorola Droid ULTRA

For dual-layer protection that's been fused into one solid case, the S Series Cover from Qmadix is a great choice and is sought after for its attractive glossy exterior shell and slim design.

Those seeking a more rugged look and style in their Droid ULTRA hybrid case, the DropSuit Rugged from Body Glove stands out the most. This cover is also a single piece but features reinforced corners and a microbial agent that prevents odors and stains.

Finally, Incipio's DualPro Hard Case is our most popular Droid ULTRA hybrid. It's slim, lightweight and absorbs some seriously nasty impacts with its silicone core and plextonium exterior shell. It also comes in 4 different color combinations!

Wrap up

While these particular cases are our most popular, we're always adding more cases and covers for the Motorola Droid ULTRA at to suit your damage control needs. Feel free to browse our entire selection at any time!