BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz

Screen protectors aren't glamorous, but they still do a job when they're as good as this one


The screen protector is arguably the least glamorous phone accessory around but for some of us they're a real device saver. But no-one likes a thin, poorly applied, scratched up and even torn screen protector anymore than we like scratches on our screens. So, stump for something like this BodyGuardz tempered glass option for the Samsung Galaxy S5 that's easy to apply, doesn't suffer from enormous nasty air bubbles and is tough, tough, tough.

Let's take a look.

Since it's tempered glass this thing is thick. Remember that when you take it out of the box. It doesn't flex and you don't want to snap it in half. In the packaging you get a microfiber, a screen wipe, a suction cup and a squeegee to help you apply. The basic process involves removing the protective film, attaching the suction cup, lining it up and sticking it down. It covers the entire front of the phone with cutouts for the home button and for the earpiece up top.

If you're looking for heavy duty screen protection for your Galaxy S5, then this ScreenGuardz tempered glass protector is well worth a look. The only downside, it's a little expensive. To be expected given what it is, but it's going to look after that display pretty well. And anyway, touching your finger against glass is so much nicer than some plastic film, right?

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