Body Glove Satin Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

It might not actually be satin but this is still a premium feeling case for the Galaxy S5


For many of us looking for a good case for our phones, we're looking to balance protection and style with adding as little extra bulk as possible. In that situation something like this Body Glove Satin case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great choice. It combines a premium feel and design with a slim form factor and solid protection. While you're never going to want to drop your Galaxy S5, the Body Glove should at least look after it if it does happen.

That's because despite being flexible enough to easily get the phone in and out the sides are sturdy enough to keep everything snug and safe inside. The sides also have enough of a lip on them to cover up all the chrome trim on the phone and give you a barrier between the screen and whatever surface it may fall on to.

Round the back you've got the best attempts at a brushed metal finish you'll probably see on a case like this. It adds just the right amount of texture to the back which paired with the markings on the sides gives you a nice amount of grip and good in-hand feeling. In fact, that brushed effect teamed up with the dark, glossy black accents gives the Body Glove a really nice look. All the buttons have cutouts to access them, as do the ports, camera and rear speaker.

If you're looking for a premium feeling case that offers style and protection in a slim form factor, definitely consider the Body Glove Satin.

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