Most of us know that we should be following our finances more closely, but the tools out there to balance your books always feel like they require accounting knowledge to get started. BillGuard is one app that couldn't be easier to use for keeping up with your financial life, and today's update brings a brand new interface to an already popular app. The new app builds on what was available in beta on Android up until now, but also adds yet-to-be-seen features to give you even more control over your money.

Roughly five percent of American adults have tried an all-inclusive finance app on their device, and BillGuard wants that number to be higher. The latest BillGuard release looks like it can help that cause, with a simple new interface that lays out spending by category, helps you set budgets and most importantly go through your financial history to track down potentially fraudulent charges.

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BillGuard is taking design cues from the best mobile apps — finance or otherwise — available on Android today, with an intuitive interface. Your cash flows for the month are laid out by category, giving you a quick glance at how much you've spent for the month and how it compares across areas. A swipe to the left shows you activity on a specific credit card or bank account, and tapping through previous months to compare is simple on any screen.

Taking visual cues from email apps, you can view an "inbox" of all charges or charges in a specific group to make sure that everything's on the up-and-up. You can see pending and completed charges, and tap in to each one to see the specifics of that transaction. Swiping charges in the list view marks them as "read" and swiping them to the right offers options to review the charge later, get more information or even report a fraudulent charge. If you do choose to report a charge, you can send that report directly through the app to your bank or credit card company.

Even further, BillGuard will give you proactive data breach alerts when you use the service — if you have made a transaction at a store that has been compromised in any way, BillGuard will go straight to you to let you know. No more waiting for those incorrect charges to start showing up on your credit card bill, and less reason to be worried about where your credit card has been swiped.

The brand new version of BillGuard is available on Android today from the Play Store link at the top of this post. If you're one of the many who keep putting off taking hold of your financial world, now may be the time and BillGuard may be the app to get started with.