Best Nokia 5.4 Cases Android Central 2021

At first glance, the Nokia 5.4 may not seem like much more than another budget-friendly phone, but with its impressive 48MP primary camera, it instantly becomes a contender for one of the best cheap Android phones. Now that Nokia has released its latest device, you're likely going to be looking for the best Nokia 5.4 cases. Well, you're in luck as we've rounded up the best cases you can find for one of the best Nokia phones of the year.

QCMM Nokia 5.4 Case Render

Everything you need: QCMM Transparent Cover

Staff Pick

Whenever you get a new phone, chances are you're looking for a case and screen protector, but thanks to QCMM, you get both in the same package. This clear case not only lets you show off the Nokia 5.4, but also includes two tempered glass screen protectors to keep your screen looking great.

$10 at Amazon
Osophter Nokia 5.4 Case Render

The basics: Osophter TPU Cover

This TPU Cover from Osophter provides a more traditional look when it comes to getting a new case thanks to its carbon-fiber accents on the top and bottom. Combine that with the metallic-looking back cover, and the superb protection offered by the TPU material, and this case is a no-brainer.

$8 at Amazon
Sucnakp Nokia 5.4 Case Render

Military-tough: Sucnakp Heavy Duty Cover

Instead of relying on just a smooth design for your case, the Sucnakp Heavy Duty Cover provides a bit more to not only improve grip but also give your phone a little bit more protection. The case itself is made from a durable TPU cover while offering a lip around the display and camera module so you won't get scratches when placing the Nokia 5.4 face-down on a table.

$8 at Amazon
Aihual Nokia 5.4 Case Render

Stand it up: Aihual Rotating Ring Case

While it's not difficult to install something like a PopSocket, it's just one more thing that you need to find after picking up a case. However, that won't be an issue with the Aihual Rotating Ring Case, as there's a ring built right into the back of the case that rotates 360-degrees and doubles as a kickstand. Plus, Aihual includes a tempered glass screen protector so you don't have to pick up one of those either.

$7 at Amazon
Foluu Nokia 5.4 Case Render

New wallet time: Foluu Canvas Wallet Case

For some, wallet cases are just the way to go as these can cut down on your everyday carry. The Foluu Canvas Wallet features three card slots, including one with a window for an ID, and there's also a cash pocket on the inside flap. The front flap remains closed thanks to the magnets being used, and your phone itself is housed in a TPU shell within the wallet.

$10 at Amazon
Turphevm Nokia 5.4 Case Render

Different colors: Turphevm Carbon Fiber TPU Case

Unless you go with a clear case, there really aren't too many cases that let you show off your style. The Turphevm Carbon Fiber TPU Case changes that with its three different colors to choose from and familiar design. And with the textured back, you'll be able to avoid accumulating fingerprints, while being able to enjoy the extra grip.

$8 at Amazon

Find the best Nokia 5.4 cases

When it comes to finding a case, it's all fine and dandy if you find one that works, but what about getting a case that works with your screen protector? With the QCMM Transparent Cover, you won't have to worry about compatibility as the company includes two tempered glass screen protectors in the box. The case itself is made from TPU which offers plenty in terms of shock absorption while sporting air cushions in all four corners, so you really get everything you'll want here.

Those looking for something a bit more traditional or don't care about showing off your new Nokia 5.4, will want to check out the Osophter TPU Cover. This case is made from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate materials for a great one-two punch to protect your phone against drops and other potential damages. Plus the backplate features a rubberized material to improve grip so your phone stays in your hand and doesn't accidentally fall down.

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